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This is a fictional story inspired by the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in 2o2o,

This is a fictional story inspired by the real Pandemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus in 2o2o, the world is still grappling with this. Some information has been taken from-Wikipaedia

Dec, 2019Wuhan China
34 years old Wen, an ophthalmologist at the Wuhan Central Hospital, arrived there as usual and exchanging greetings with the nurses and ward boys, went to his cabin. Before proceeding on a round of the ward head nurse placed a file before him. He felt uneasy by seeing the charts of the seven patients admitted to the hospital that day. To confirm his suspicion, he examined the patients.
He could not resist and sent a message via We Chat to a few of his doctor friends telling about his suspicion that a viral infection was spreading through the district. He also found all seven patients had eaten animal meat from the same seafood market in Hubei.
Inadvertently his message got leaked and became viral on the social sites. Chinese authorities were not pleased with this action of Dr. Wen. For certain unknown reasons China suppressed this news, but soon they had to accept that there was a Coronavirus outbreak in China. China informed the WHO about the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Then the WHO started monitoring its spread in other parts of the world.
It spread quickly covering more than a hundred countries within a few weeks. WHO declared it the Global Health Emergency.

Soon the Coronavirus came to India carried by the travelers coming from the affected parts of the globe. The first it made its presence felt in Kerala
Shankar, a young social activist of Kerala was interested in reading scriptures and mythological books. By reading these he often got surprised by the wisdom and knowledge of the people of ancient India. For his academic interest, he searched on the net if there was anything available on viruses in ancient literature. He was amazed to find Description of Micro-Organisms like Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, etc in Hindu mythology epic poem, Mahabharata which was written more than 5000 years ago. Scientists have found the existence of Bacteria in 17th century AD but they were known to Indians during the Mahabharat period.
Arjuna talks about 'Survival of the Fittest', which was later advocated by Charles Robert Darwin.
Santi Parva Section 15
Arjuna says, "I do not behold the creature in this world that supports life without doing any act of injury to others. Animals live upon animals, the stronger upon the weaker. The mongoose devours mice; the cat devours the mongoose; the dog devours the cat; the dog is again devoured by the leopard. Behold all things again are devoured by the Destroyer when he comes. This mobile and the immobile universe is food for living creatures. This has been ordained by the gods. The very ascetics cannot support their lives without killing creatures.
सूक्ष्मयॊनीनि भूतानि तर्क गम्यानि कानि चित
पक्ष्मणॊ ऽपि निपातेन येषां सयात सकन्धपर्ययः
Translation: Many creatures are so minute that their existence can only be inferred. With the falling of the eyelids alone, they are destroyed. (Source-Wiki P)
Shankar was of the view that during some geopolitical turmoil or some big natural disaster India lost the links between the ancient and the modern. It sounds like vainglory now to mention the accomplishments of India in the past.
The Coronavirus was spreading rapidly. Shankar noticed that there was a need for facemasks. He procured and distributed face masks in his locality. Then he watched for the next requirement. This was a new virus so information was coming in bits. It took a few days to get the whole picture. Government issued instructions regarding dos and don’ts to avoid the infections. Shankar’s NGO offered it services to the administration and help them in managing the crises as and when they needed


On 19 March 2020, the Prime Minister implored all citizens of India to observe a self-imposed 'curfew' from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday, 22 March 2020 to help reduce community spreading of the Coronavirus in India. On 24 March, the prime minister announced that India goes under 'total lockdown' for the next 21 days.
Dr.Shrikant was serving at the Safdurjung hospital of Delhi. He lived a few km away from the hospital in a government accommodation with his wife Lata and a 5years old daughter Shrilata. Lata's brother had come to visit them and he was held up by this lockdown. Paras was in a fix but Lata was happy. She said to him, "Paras it is good that you will be with me because I know he will be busy at the hospital, Shrilata will be full time at home. You can be big support for us. Pasras accepted his fate and stop thinking about going back.

One week before lockdown
Laila had gone to Egypt on holiday. One of his uncles lived in Cairo. Since her childhood, she wanted to see Pyramids of Egypt so when her uncle Sunny invited her to Egypt, she grabbed the opportunity and reached there. In a few days, she visited thrice the great Pyramid of Giza, which were not very far from Cairo
One day before returning she caught a cold in Cairo and had a cough before boarding the flight to New Delhi. The health declaration had three questions
Are you suffering from any of the following?
- Fever (Yes/No)
- Cough (Yes/No)
- Respiratory problems (Yes/No)
She ticked 'yes' next to 'cough' on the forms.
Her connecting flight from Bahrain in the Middle East landed in Delhi at 2.20 am. She was aware of the spreading Novel Coronavirus infection and because of this, the authorities were screening the passengers. She proceeded for the thermal screening. As she handed her declaration forms, the person at the counter asked her if she had a fever, body ache, shortness of breath. She answered in negative to all. During this conversation, she coughed twice.
The person at the counter told her that she would have to be taken to an isolation ward. She was handed a hazmat suit and a mask. Her passport was taken to Immigration and then she was escorted to a room at the airport where a doctor informed her that she was going to be kept in an isolation ward at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and that an ambulance would soon take her there.
At 4 am she reached the isolation ward, which was on a higher floor and told that the doctor was attending to a patient on another floor and would see her as soon as he finished there. It was at 6 am.
At 6.30 am, the doctor came and asked about her symptoms and her travel history to any of the COVID-19 affected countries. She said she hadn't been to any such country. Then he said that her samples would be taken for testing. The results would arrive at in two or three days, and till then, she'd have to stay in the isolation ward
She was in the isolation ward for two days, On the third day she got the test results, which had turned out negative for novel Coronavirus and She was discharged.
After clearing this Corona test she contacted Rajesh, who was at SWI.
She booked an Uber cab and went to the SWI (Soft war intelligence)office.


Six months before in Beijing
A team of top virologists led by Mrs. Chen had come to see the minister of national defense. The minister had gone to meet the president. The group of scientists had arrived early. The minister came after half an hour and the meeting was held.
Defense minister asked Chen, '' What is the progress of the project Carrom. He used the code word"
Chen, "We are prepared but will it not be unethical and violation of the international treaty.
The minister chided her,'' Please leave the politics for our party. No sin on you. You are working under the orders.
Chen said, "Lord Buddha said that we are responsible for our Karma even if we are doing it for others and the fruit of them also may be shared by others."
The minister said, "Story of Angulimal and lord buddha! I read as a child."
OK, I will remove the burden of your soul. Any country can make a virus, which can kill a virus.
Chen, "Really?"
The Minister, "The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, requires the parties to give an undertaking that they will "never in any circumstances develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain" biological weapons.
But the convention allows nations to conduct 'defensive' research so that they will be prepared to face or survive an attack or a virus outbreak. In other words, they are allowed to make a virus to kill a virus.
Chen, "Thank you, Sir, for removing my doubt. Please see that we get sufficient funds for our research work.
The minister, "Sure."
Chen and her team came out of the minister's cabin.

When Laila arrived at SWI. Rajesh was with the chief Daljit Singh.
Daljeet Singh had called for a meeting of the key operators of SWI
Daljit, "I have called all of you for the review and suggestions regarding our responsibility during the outbreak of Coronavirus and consequent lockdown.
Shrivastava, "The UN Secretary-General has said terrorists may see an opportunity in this crisis as most governments across the world are busy dealing with the pandemic. I fully agree with him. We should keep our eyes and ears open.
Daljit asked Rajesh, "What is your input?"
Rajesh, "Because of lockdown internal movements are nil. Enemies may try to create a problem at the borders or through the borders."
One more intelligence officer Ravish was also present.
Daljit asked Ravish, "Ravish, do you want to say anything."
Ravish, "Sir, in international political circle people are expressing suspicion that this virus outbreak can be part of Biological war."
Daljit, "You are right. The USA and China have started blaming each other."
Rajesh to Daljit, "Excuse me sir."
Daljit looked at him and spoke, "Go
Rajesh, "my input is that there may be an attempt to violate the lockdown."

"Oh, I see" Daljit uttered.
Daljit asked Shrivastav," I think we can send these inputs to the MOD, MEA, and HM."
Shrivastav said, "It will be fine, Sir."
Daljit, "Now we will remain at home and follow the Lockdown. We can work from home if needed. We can disperse now.
Everybody went home.
Laila went with Rajesh to his residence.

March, Islamabad
Maulana was excited. He did not want
To take a risk, but wanted to meet his team.
He phoned Colonel Shakir, "Hello Colonel."
Colonel Shakir replied, "Maulana Sahib. How are you,"
Because of the pandemic, we cannot get out of our houses. I want to meet our team. why don't you arrange a Video Conference?
The colonel Shakir said, "Janab, I will tell everybody to join the video conference tomorrow at 8 am. You can use your mobile phone or computer for this purpose."
Maulana imagined expressions of surprise and adulation on everybody's face when he would tell his new Idea. That night he saw a dream that the people had made him the Prime minister in place of the elected PM.
The next morning at 8 have Maulana received a video call from Shakir, then several widows opened showing the faces of ISI chief, DD, Don, and the finance secretary.
They exchanged greetings. Then ISI chief asked Maulana, "Proceed Maulana Saheb, I am dying to know the cause of this meeting."
All were silent and looking at Maulana.
Maulana said, "I had a new and fantastic idea of harassing India.
Don smiled and said, "I guessed. Maulana can never forget India.
Maulana said, "Never."
It is mutual. They miss us, we miss them.
Colonel intervened, "What is the new idea."
"We can save the lives of our boys while working against the enemy," Maulana replied.
DD asked, "How will you achieve, this?"
Maulana said mysteriously, "We can stop sending the suicide bombers. Instead, we can send the infected people across the LOC."
As Maulana expected the team was surprised and Shakir was the first person to praise Maulana."
Shakir clapped and uttered, "Lajawab."
The rest of the people followed colonel in admiring Maulana"
Maulana said to ISI chief, "Janab you talk with the government and get the approval and necessary fund."
Maulana, "Colonel you discuss the matter with the forces. I think we should hurry up and not lose the opportunity."
Shakir nodded in agreement.
Maulana said to all, "Goodbye. Let us keep in touch."
The meeting was finished.

Neither of Maulana and Albert had many ideas about the ways the intelligence could work. They changed the passwords and communicated through the same email accounts, which had been compromised earlier. Maulana avoided talking over the phone as he had to speak aloud and he feared that someone might eavesdrop.
Albert received an email of Maulana in which he wrote about his new plan and requested for some contribution.
Albert reply disappointed Maulana. Albert wrote, "Dear Maulana Sahib,
Thanks for remembering me. Sorry I can not support you in this project. This is a horrible pandemic and you must know how much America is suffering from this. People are dying daily and it is very difficult to stop. No American will contribute to this as many people here suspect your friend Beijing behind this."
After reading Albert's email Maulana uttered with disdain, "Lahaul-vila-Kubat.The sentimental fool. Could be achieved our objective without sacrifice."If Beijing was behind this, they should have alerted us much in advance. God only knows what this government is doing."
In the meantime, maulana's wife came there and she laughed seeing Maulana talking to self.
She asked," Will you like to have food here or inside."
Maulana said, "Come, we will have food together."
Both went inside.

Rajesh lived in a two-bedroom flat in a place named Dwarka.
Rajesh gave one bedroom to Laila. Laila was thrilled to live under the same roof as Rajesh.
In the morning Rajesh made the tea and woke up Laila.
Seeing the tea Laila smiled at Rajesh and said to him, "You are perfect husband material. I am not going to leave you."
Rajesh, "Today I will treat you as my guest."
Laila showing fake excitement asked, "Tomorrow ?"
Rajesh said smilingly, "We can share the household work
Laila said, "OK."
She left the bed.
Within half an hour she was ready to finish her morning routine, took bath and got ready.
Rajesh serves her one more tea at the dining table. He also sat there with a teacup. In between the sips of tea, Laila said to Rajesh, "Rajesh I feel you have changed now."
Rajesh, "What do you mean?"
Laila, "No flirting, no holding hands?"
Rajesh laughed and said, "Don't you know?
Laila, "What?"
Rajesh, "Social distancing to block
Corona's spread."
Laila laughed and uttered, "Oh I see. Then I forgive you."
Rajesh also got fresh, took a bath and got ready.
As Rajesh had told he treated Laila as a guest that day.
Night after dinner both sat down with their laptop.
Rajesh said to Laila, "We have almost forgotten Albert. Check him."
Laila shuffled her fingers on the keyboard looking at her laptop screen.
After a few minutes, she looked at Rajesh with surprise.
Rajesh asked, "Any lead."
She gave her laptop to Rajesh to see.
Rajesh saw the emails of Albert and Maulana.
He was excited and happy.
Rajesh said to Laila, "You are wonderful. Thank you."
Laila smiled and said, "Mention not agent Rajesh. I have learned many things from you."
Before going to bed he sent a message to SWI chief Daljit Singh.

Dr. Shrikant became very busy. He started coming late. When he returned from the hospital he would go straight to the bathroom. After taking bath he would eat food separately and would sleep on a couch separate from everybody. It was difficult to understand for the 5year old daughter why was her father behaving that way but soon she understood.
As the number of infected people increased Dr. Shrikant became busier and he found it more convenient to stay at the hospital premises and avoid going to his house, He would be more available for the patients and there would be less risk of infection from him to his family. He stopped going home. He would visit once in a week and meet the family from a sufficient distance.
Paras' presence was of great help for Lata. He gave mental support to Lata and her daughter.
He was an optimist and keep their morale high.

Maulana's movement was facilitated by the army.
Maulana went to the launchpads of terrorists near the Indo-Pak borders. He was wearing the facemask and hand gloves.
The army had kept 50 terrorists at two launch pads.
Maulana asked to assemble them in one place. A junior officer mentioned the social distance. He did not know the Maulana's plan. A major, escorting Maulana asked him to follow Maulana's instructions.
The other launch pad was not far away. Within half an hour all terrorists were gathered in one place.
Maulana addressed them form a distance.
He said, "All hu Akabar"
Then he started his speech
Brothers and comrades,
Are you ready for sacrifice? All said," Yes."
Maulana, " I know my boys are ever ready to lay their lives for the religion and country"

But I have a different plan this time. If we can achieve our object without losing our lives why should we die?
I want you to be alive after hitting the target."
There was pin-drop silence. All were listening to Maulana's speech attentively.
He spoke further, "You will be infected with the Corona and pushed across Loc as usually done. You are all young and healthy so you will survive this infection but you can make the enemies suffer by infecting many people in a short visit. No need of carrying bombs. So go to India to enjoy and come back.
This time let us call this mission' Love India."
All laughed.
Maulana said, "Insha Allah Our new mission will make them cry.
All said, Amin
After the speech sweets packets, which were sent in advance by Maulana were distributed among the boys.
Then maulana whispered to the Major, "I have done my part now you have to execute the plan.
Maulana boarded the Army's car and the car was driven back so Maula’s.
Besides loc Maulana wanted the same type of infiltration by some other route. He contacted the sleeper cells of India's neighboring countries. One of his contacts Mukhtar told him that he could push some people through the Nepal border. Maulana’s communication was intercepted by the Indian Army and the forces all around were alerted.
Having the advance proper intelligence inputs. The central government took it very seriously. India was fighting a big battle against the Coronavirus. The Enemy was trying to weaken India's fight.
India quickly moved the forces in large numbers to the borders and completely sealed its borders.
They could not send the boys across the LOC and had to be hospitalized for Coronavirus which was given to them by Maulana in the form of sweets.
India's fight against Corona is progressing well and India is confident of winning this fight.
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