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16 sonic characters go head to head in a tournament. The prize is anything they wish for.
Win by KO, RO, or FF
The 16 participants and their wishes are:
1. Sonic, unlimited Chili Dogs
2. Tails, Eggman to not be bad
3. Knuckles, Master Emerald to be safe forever
4. Amy, Sonic to love her back
5. Shadow, to be unstoppable
6. Rouge, every gem in the world
7. Silver, the future to be fixed
8. Blaze, there to be no more Eggmans
9. Marine, to sail on her own boat in epic adventures forever
10. Omega, all of Eggman's robots to be destroyed
11. Cream, her own Chao Garden
12. Vector, have unlimited money
13. Espio, for Vector and Charmy to be smarter
14. Charmy, also, have unlimited money
15. Mighty, the world to be at peace
16. Ray, his own plane like Tails'

Are you all ready for the tournament? Begin!

FIRST BATTLE! Sonic vs Ray!

Ray: I can do this! Mighty doesn't doubt me, so I won't doubt myself!
Sonic: Ray? they put me against Ray? I feel bad for the kid.
Sonic charges a spindash and then stops. He was glowing. Ray knew that was bad so he flies to try and hit Sonic. Sonic uses light speed dash and hits Ray from behind. Ray smashs into the wall and hits the ground.
Me: KO!
Sonic walks by, waving his had to all his fans, and Tails and Mighty run to see how Ray was doing.
Tails: Are you alright?
Mighty: Of course he's alright, he just got knocked out is all. That's happened to all of us.
Ray: Oooooooow. Did anyone get the number of that Sonic that hit me?
Mighty: Yep, he's fine.
Tails: Okay then, good luck on your round!
Mighty and Ray: Same to you!

Winner by KO: Sonic!

SECOND BATTLE! Blaze vs Marine!

Blaze: I forfeit! I don't want to hurt my friend, or get wet. And with heroes like Sonic around, There's no way any Eggman could leave a permanent mark on the world.
Marine: I won? I'm stoked for this!

Winner by FF: Marine!

THIRD BATTLE: Tails vs Charmy!

Tails: Wait, Charmy? Okay, the only thing I have to watch out for is his stinger.
Charmy: Do do do do do! La la la la la! Wait, we're starting?
Tails pulls out his E.Cannon and fires 3 shots. Charmy dodges them while flying and humming the Chaotix theme annoyingly. Tails pulls out a bomb and throws it at Charmy. Charmy dodges that as well.
Tails: Aw, man. Hey Charmy, could you get that for me?
Charmy: Hmm hmm hmmmmm, what? Oh, okay.
Charmy flies over and picks up the bomb. He throws it at Tails, and it landed right next to Tails as he pressed the trigger to detonate it. Tails sees it glow next to him.
Tails: COME O
BOOOOOOOOOOM! The bomb explodes. Tails is sent sky high. He lands on the ground with a loud thud. He moves his arms and struggles to get up.
Tails: Man, I forgot to watch out for his annoying behavior.
Charmy sees Tails is injured. He flies over.
Charmy: Are you okay? That looked like it hurt. A lot.
Tails: Yeah, no kidding.
Tails was annoyed at Charmy. Charmy was really nice, however. Almost anything could KO Tails at this point, so he decided to heal. He pulled out his medi-bot and healed himself.
Charmy: Ooh, can I try?
Tails: You aren't even injured! It won't work unless you're hurt.
Tails didn't want to hurt Charmy, he was to nice. But if he tricked Charmy into agreeing to let him hurt him, he wouldn't feel so bad.
Charmy: Okay, hit me with your hardest punch.
Tails is shocked. He can't punch! He's not strong like that, His punches couldn't even hurt anyone.
Tails: Fine.
He punched at Charmire, but he brought his stinger up at the right time.
Charmy: Sike! I think that's how it's spelled.
Tails: YEOW!
Tails leapt into the air. He didn't know stingers hurt THAT much. While he was trying to stop the pain, he forgot he was in free fall. SLAM! Tails hit the ground again, leaving an imprint of his body on the concrete. Tails got up, very slowly. he pulled out his medi-bot again.
Charmy: Hey, you said if you punched me, I could use that!
Charmy took the medi-bot from Tails. He tried pressing a few buttons to get it to work.
Tails: I told you you have to be hurt to get that to work! Don't push any buttons!
Charmy ignored Tails, and kept flying higher as Tails chased him. Charmy saw there was a small cover on a part of it. He opened it and saw a button that said do not push. So he pressed it.
Charmy and Tails: UH-OH!
Charmy threw the medi-bot to Tails and flew down. Tails looks at the screen.
Tails: Help me.
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM! Tails fell down really fast due to the explosion. He slammed into the ground, and the impact caused a crater. Charmy flew over and helped Tails up.
Charmy: Are you okay? Tails?
Sonic ran over, and sees Tails has been knocked out. Knuckles came over, and started laughing.
Knuckles: Hahahaha, of all the people, CHARMY was the one Tails fell to! That's priceless.
Sonic: Knuckles, lay off him. He's knocked out, and you don't kick a guy who's down. even if it's with words, they still hurt. Although, I do agree with you.

Winner by KO: Charmy

FOURTH BATTLE! Cream vs Amy!

Amy: I have to win, even if it is Cream.
Cream: Amy, just this once, could you let me win?
Amy: Not a chance!
Amy swung her hammer around, creating a tornado that she sent at Cream.
Cream: Silly Amy. I can do that too, you know.
She gave the order, and Cheese spun in circles, creating a tornado like Amy's, and sent it at her. Amy looked stunned, and then sent more tornadoes at Cream.
Amy: You're finished, Cream! Cheese can't keep up with my hammer!
Cream: Silly! Why do you think I need a Chao Garden?
As Cream said that, 100 more Chao appeared behind Cream. They all created tornadoes, and Cream gave the order.
Amy: Well. I'm dead. Wait, I can just move out of the way, and everything will be
The tornadoes hit Amy, and the force of them sent her straight out of the playing field.
Tails just sat up, and was remembering what just happened.
Amy and Tails: OW!
Amy slammed into Tails, and they flew into a wall.
Amy: Whew, thanks for stopping me from slamming into the wall Tails. Uh, Tails?

Winner by RO: Cream!

End of part 1
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