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a poem about an unrealistic relationship that blooms later in life
A Swan Dive

Expecting paradise,
she was a child bride.
Cinderella dreams, a perfect Prince.

Alas, only a human man exists.

Marriage proved a rocky ride.
Life stalled in a valley, unable to peak.
A sheltered Juliet didn’t appreciate,
bitter oft accompanies sweet.

Their split was raw, full of rage
escape came with awkward feet.
Easier to run than give space to love.
Years passed. Again they meet.

Her face, a portrait in his eyes,
once a girl, now a radiant woman,
flush with unquenched passion,
craving sensual satisfaction.

Their tears mix on his hot cheek.
Is this love or a familiar face?
Empty hours spend in anticipation,
holding her breath for his embrace.

Years alter memories,
wine masquerades as champagne.
Desperation recalled as a rough patch,
unforgivable deeds: now minor pain.

Speak my heart, this love be pure
strong with binding ties.
Cowards tip toe in shallow pools.
A trophy awaits a graceful swan dive.

By Kathie Stehr
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