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The adventure of a travel nurse with 36 years experience.
In all my years, for some reason, I never thought I would find myself sleeping in the Wallyworld parking lot. It was snowing, and I was so cold, but I had rushed from a city 3 hours away, to get to my apartment. But it had been raining cats, and dogs the entire trip from northern Maine, to Bangor. The apartment manager said she wouldn't wait, so I was hauling ass to get there before 6:00pm. I arrived at 6:15.
I had no credit card, I'd had to request another, since someone had used it while I was out of town, to the tune of $5,000. I couldn't get a motel or hotel room without one, so I couldn't think of another option. So I looked for what I thought would be the safest part of the parking lot, and under a bright light. There were a few 18 wheeler's and one large RV in the same area, so I thought, I might as well give it a try. My Jeep was packed so full, I couldn't lean my seat back, or ever lean back.
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