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Letter 2

Dear me, before you die enjoy your life everyday, but never connect your heart to this earth. Birds are never connected to the earth, even if the earth is the place where they learn to fly for the first time.
Fulfill your dreams but do not let them to lead you. If you want to do something do it today, because tomorrow is gone be to late to do it. Say, "I love you" if you feel it, create something beautiful and don't be afraid of dark anymore, your light can defeat the darkness.
Some of your days should be productive, but other should just have to pass. Stop, and feel the sun how is touching so gentle your face and smile. Your smile will make people to fall in love of you.
Never hurry to touch the sky, do everything wisely with a lot of patience. I know the earth is not giving you a easy life, but this day can make you invincible tomorrow.
I love everyday to admire people who have ambitious, but never loose yourself and forget what is truly important in life.
Work hard, but try to pause it, otherwise the life will stop you. Success is much more than money and is changing day to day in something different, do not follow it.
Do not isolate yourself, some of this people you are use to see them everyday, are not gone be around you anymore. Find the peace in your heart and love yourself because you deserve it.
Before I die, I just want to end everything with a Smile, finishing my case of dreams, than I will be ready to fly away.
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