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Letter 3, death is something that limits us, love is our freedom.
Letter 3

The death it will never reunite us, death is a demon who rule this world, but it will never have the power in the afterlife world. Is not gone be something that will guide you after you die, he is leaving on this earth ,eating from the humans flesh and souls.
What’s gone reunite us after we die is gone be our Hope. Love can free our souls and Hope will let them to fly away from death and than we will leave forever, you and me for eternity.
But I never understand why and I never will . Why we should leave in the same world for a while and after that two worlds to separate us? Why I need to leave you behind and I should fly away?
It's not an easy answer, but it looks like a journey for both of us. Think of our journeys, we used to meet people, start to know them and after we begging a beautiful friendship, but it never last forever. Oceans can separate two human beings, but it can never separate two souls.
Keep in your heart those times when you feel loved and that love will lead you to find me again in the afterlife world. Never say goodbye to me, because it makes me cry everyday when I hear it from you.
Cry after I die, because our tears have the power to heal our hearts and make them to look more beautiful, but don't let the sorrow to lead you to grief.
I will not be far a way from you, because when we die some of us we chose to become stars. I will become your one and only star, showing up every night on the sky, being there when you need, leading you and my light will light your way when your road will be too dark.
Death is something that will separate us for a time, but do not forget: ,,The Love was never defeated by the Death".
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