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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Dark · #2220759
Chapter Twenty-One
It is November seventeenth and I still have yet to get my menstruation cycle. I usually am extremely regular and I get it on the fifth of every month. I am concerned that I might be pregnant from when Ben and I made love and we forgot to use a condom. I am sitting out on the patio at seven o’clock on this beautiful Saturday morning. I am sipping coffee when Ben emerges from the condo with his own cup of coffee. Tom and Sarah are still sleeping for the two of them were up late last night for they had a couple of friends over. Ben sits down next to me at the picnic table.
I say, “Ben?”
Ben asks, “What’s up honey?”
I say, “We might have a little problem.”
Ben asks, “What do you mean?”
I reply, “I think I might be pregnant.”
Ben asks, “Really? Why?”
I reply, “I am usually extremely regular and get my cycle on the fifth of every month. I still have yet to get my cycle.”
Ben asks, “Do you want me to go to Brant pharmacy and get a pregnancy test?”
I ask, “Would you?”
Ben says, “Of course. After my cup of coffee I will go down to the pharmacy and pick up a test.”
I say, “Thank you.”
As soon as Ben is finished with his coffee, he places his mug in the sink, and then he grabs his keys and he leaves for the pharmacy. At that moment Tom and Sarah come down the stairs. They pour themselves coffee and we all sit in the living room and we have a classical music station playing on the television. Tom is curious on where Ben went off to so early and I reply that he went to the pharmacy for he needed a few things and wanted to get it done early. Tom is satisfied with this answer and I look over at Sarah. Sarah has been living with us for a week now, her parents did not seem to care that she wanted to move in with Tom, and this kind of saddens me. I know what it is like not having parents care about you.
I say to Sarah, “Thanksgiving is in ten days. I plan on cooking the meal.”
Sarah asks, “Would you like me to make some pies?”
I say, “I would like that a lot. What kind of pies would you make?”
Sarah says, “I love making apple pies.”
I say, “That’s perfect. John is coming over to help me with the turkey and such. I thought it would be a good idea, he will be there anyhow, and so I think what is a little earlier matter?”
Sarah says, “You want this to be perfect, don’t you?”
I say, “Of course. I have never made a Thanksgiving dinner before and this is our first one away from our lunatic parents. I really want to make it special.”
Tom says, “It is gonna be special. We have escaped from Victor and Gwen, we are in our own home, and we have the people who truly love us around. So I think it is gonna be extra special.”
I say, “You’re absolutely right Tom. It will be perfect. I just want to make sure the meal is perfect for I have never done it before.”
Tom says playfully, “And this is my sister, the perfectionist.”
I smile, “Yes, I am a perfectionist. I always have been and I always will be.”
Ben comes out onto the patio with another cup of coffee and says he is brewing another pot of coffee. Tom asks Ben what he needed to get at the pharmacy and Ben is quick to say he needed shaving supplies and a few other things. Tom says he was just curious and Ben smiles for Tom is always curious about things. After coffee is over with, Tom asks if he and Sarah can go for a swim in the pool, and Ben says that is fine since they are together. As soon as Tom and Sarah are at the pool, Ben and I are up in our bathroom, and we are patiently waiting the five minutes for the test results.
The five minutes are finally up and we check the test and I am pregnant. The test reveals a positive symbol and I glance at Ben who kisses me. Ben is ecstatic. I am excited too but I am also a little nervous. Ben says I should call the doctor and we should get an ultrasound done as soon as we can. I check the time and it is ten o’clock in the morning. I call my doctor’s office and they schedule me an appointment for three o’clock this afternoon since there was a cancellation. Ben hugs me and says he cannot believe he is going to be a father. I am going to be a mother. We, Ben and I, decide to keep it a secret until Thanksgiving.
Tom leaves for work and I let Sarah know I have a doctor’s appointment and Ben is coming with me. Sarah asks me if I am alright and I assure her I am fine. Ben drives me to the doctor’s office and we wait in an exam room. The doctor comes in with an ultrasound machine and puts warm gel over where my uterus would be. Within seconds the image of a little peanut shaped being is on the screen. The doctor says there is the baby and she prints us out a copy of the baby. I am now really excited for it is confirmed that I am pregnant. The doctor prescribes me some prenatal vitamins and we are on our way. Ben and I decide to get the prenatal vitamins filled tomorrow since Tom is not working then. We do not want to tip Tom off to what is going on. We want to announce the good news on Thanksgiving to everyone at the same time.
Ben says as he parks the car in our designated spot, “I can’t believe we are pregnant.”
I say, “I know. I am so excited but I am a little scared too.”
Ben says, “That’s normal honey. I have a question for you.”
I ask, “What’s that?”
Ben says, “I would like to get married as soon as we can. When would you like to set the date for?”
I say, “How about New Years Eve?”
Ben says, “Start the year off right, I like that, and of course I will ask Tom for his permission.”
I smile, “I think he will like that.”
Ben says, “I think he will as well.”
I say, “I can’t believe that this is really happening for us. I am still in shock.”
Ben smiles, “Believe it babe. We are starting a family. A little sooner than I expected but that’s okay.”
I say, “I love you.”
Ben and I enter the condo and Sarah asks how the doctor appointment went. I reply it was great and I am all set for another year. Sarah nods thinking I had a physical done today. My cellular phone rings to life and it is Tom calling. I grow instantly alarmed and I answer immediately.
I say, “What’s up Tom?”
Tom says, “I’m in the back on the phone with you.”
I am confused, “Okay.”
Tom says, “Gwen is here.”
I say to Ben, “Send cruisers to the pharmacy stat. Gwen is there.”
Ben is on his cellular phone, “I need units sent to Brant Pharmacy stat.”
I say to Tom, “Did she see you?”
Tom says, “Of course she did. I was waiting on a customer when she looked directly at me.”
I say, “Shit.”
Tom says, “What do I do?”
I say, “Stay calm.”
Ben takes the phone away from me, “Tom, try to relax. You are gonna be just fine. Gwen will not do anything with a crowd around.”
Tom asks, “How do you know?”
Ben says, “She’s a coward. She will try to get you alone but do NOT allow that to happen. I have cruisers being sent to the pharmacy as we speak.”
Tom says, “She is getting ready to leave. Should I try to stop her?”
Ben says, “Absolutely not. Let her leave. We’ll get her.”
Tom says, “She just left.”
Ben says, “Okay, it’s okay Tom. When the officers get there just give them a description of her and they will know what to do from there. Okay?”
Tom says, “Okay.”
Ben ends the call and then he is on his cellular phone again, this time it is with John. Ben fills John in and John says he will go talk to Tom. Ben says that is a good idea for Tom is a little freaked out at the moment. Ben ends that call as well and he has me sit down. Ben is stating that Tom is okay. Nothing happened. Gwen is just playing games right now and they are going to try to keep this in the game phase. The officers that responded to the pharmacy search the area for hours and cannot find Gwen which is extremely frustrating. John sends a few detectives to the Brant Inn and the clerk working states that nobody fitting Gwen’s description has checked in. The detectives leave their card and order the clerk to call them as soon as possible if Gwen does check in and they warn the clerk that she is a dangerous woman.
A half an hour later Tom walks through the front door and says he was sent home to relax and take a deep breath. Tom is not crazy about getting the rest of the night off but he had no choice. The pharmacist on duty tonight thought it would be best if Tom took the time off. Tom looks at me and curses. Tom is saying that Gwen had no right to show up at his place of work and he is not happy about it for he is afraid he will be fired. I try to assure Tom that he will not be fired over this for it is not his fault.
Tom asks, “Why the fuck did she have to do this?”
I reply, “She is trying to fuck with us. Gwen is playing her games.”
Tom glares at Ben and then back to me, “Why the hell did she do this to me?”
I fire back at Tom, “She did it to me too you know. Gwen is just trying to intimidate us.”
Tom demands, “Where the fuck is she staying Ben?”
Ben says, “We don’t know yet but we are searching for her.”
Tom states, “We need to find her and fast.”
Ben says, “We are doing everything we can Tom. I need you to calm down.”
I say, “Ben is right. You need to try to relax. You’re gonna have a heart attack if you don’t.”
Tom flares, “This is not funny!”
I flare back, “I know it isn’t and it wasn’t when Gwen did it to me. Sit down and we’ll talk about this calmly.”
Tom sits down in a kitchen chair next to Sarah. Sarah tries to rub his back but Tom will not let her. Tom is acting so strange but I understand. Gwen has us tied up in knots and we are all stressed out about this whole situation. Tom looks up at me and I turn to Ben. I look at Ben with hope that he has some kind of suggestion here but Ben does not have anything.
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