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by Liza
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On a dark rainy night the Royal Twins were born, and this is a Fantasy story all about it.
Once upon a time there were two vampires, not in love but forced to marrry each other. They were the King and Queen of all vampires. To the outside world they looked like the perfect couple, but they were far from that.
Then by accident the Queen got pregnant and even tho they didn`t love each other, they were happy to be parents.
On a dark rainy day their twins were born, Royal vampire Twins.
A boy and a Girl, Alaric and Victoria Cruorem.
When years passed Alaric had to learn how to fight because he would become the future king and Victoria had to learn how to cook and clean.
Victoria was kind of jealous of her brother, she hated cooking and cleaning and she wanted to be an soldier in the future.
The Royal family had a butler, he felt bad for the little girl and offert to learn her how to fight. She agreed and he learnt her how to fight like the best.
When they became 15 they went to a normal school for normal vampires in disguise.

and that is where the story continious.

Victoria was walking trough the hall with her brother, he`d Always make fun of her for not being a girly girl. She`s different from the other girls.
At their first day of school Alaric already found his place with the other jocks, for Victoria it was much harder to fit in.
she`s not a neatly girl like the others.
she`s not a pink princess like the others.

love is fake, like she would say.
she didn`t believe in it, there`s only lust.

She and her brother didn`t have the best bond, but they would Always stand up for each other.
Alaric was like the super pretty jock.
and Victoria? Victoria was the creepy girl in a hoodie.

Victoria didn`t have much friends, the only friend she has is Rosetta Le Doux. She`s an vampire from france and she`s very talented, she`s just like Victoria, their just different..

Victoria was walking trough the hallway, when she was walking by you could hear everybody giggling and laughing at her. She didn`t think much about it but it was kinda annoying.
She didn`t really care that people would laugh about how she looked because she knew she looked great.
She knew when they found out they would come back begging for mercy.

At home her mother would still force her to wear pink dresses and clean and cook.
She hated her live, but when she becomes 16 she would be free. Free from duties, free from responsibilities.
At their 16th birthday, Alaric would get crowned king.
Vampires become adultes at 16 so she would be free.
Free from her miserable life.

She`d grab Rosetta her hand when she saw her staring at a boy again, Victoria rolls her eyes at her. 'how many times do i have to repeat it??' she`d say.
'what do you mean??' Rosetta asked.
'he only wants to break your heart'
'you don`t know that!'
'boys are all the same!
Rosetta sighs, 'i know you might have given up but i don`t'
'just….. don`t get your heart broken'
Rosetta nodded and i sight from relief.

Even Rosetta doesn`t know about me being the princess but i`d rather have it this way because if she`d knew she would freak out.

continuing next time

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