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Tick tock.
Five minutes until midnight...

My eyes are locked onto the clock on the wall, its hands pointing towards 11:55 p.m. The TV was nothing more than a low mumble as the ticking overwhelmed my ears. I was lulled in a hypnotic trance as time inched along.

Four minutes until midnight...

I notice a new noise emanating throughout the house. A low, droning sound. It faded in. It faded out. My gaze turned towards my glass patio door for a second before my attention returned to the hands. The ticking took hold once more.

Three minutes until midnight...

Voices could be heard outside now. Men and women shouting at the tops of their lungs. The clanging of metal and the stampeding horde could barely conceal the pained wailing of a child. The bedlam didn't bother me though. It would all be over soon.

Two minutes until midnight...

The TV cut to static. Nothing left but a low screech. I caught a glimpse of a message on the screen, but the ticking beckoned me back once more before I could read it.

One minute until midnight...

Shivers ran up and down my spine. My body tingled all over as a sixth sense kicked in. All the sound faded from my ears, except for the ticking. I felt at peace.

I closed my eyes and let the light take me.

It's midnight.

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