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The poem is about how there is someone for everyone amidst thousands of other people.
One Person out of Thousands.
Sometimes in life,
We read various love stories,
We watch love story in movies.
We meet thousands of people
In our walk of live.
Our path cross various people,
Many people enter our circle of life.
And yet, none of them,
Not even a single of these people,
Not any of these love stories
Touch us; move us nor change us.

And then we read some love stories,
And then we watch some love movies.
We found ourselves following them;
Laughing when they laugh;
Crying when they cry.
And then we meet one person,
And our path cross the path of one person.
Then that one person steps into our circle of life,
And the person gives meaning into our life.
The person moves and touches our life remarkably.
The person changes our life forever.
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