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Flash Fiction - 5/1/20 - W/C 300


It’d been twelve weeks. Joey and Mike were bored. They’d played Monopoly twelve times. The score was tied. Each had won six times. Each game had lasted weeks. The Monopoly money ran out during week one, so they made more of their own.

$500 bills were joker cards, $100 bills were bird pictures, $50 bills were flower pictures,
$20 bills were arithmetic problems, $10 bills were super hero pictures, $5 bills were pictures of snakes, and $1 bills were pieces of paper with the number 1 on them.
And since they were making their own rules, Joey and Mike decided they also needed some million dollar bills.

“What do we make them from?” Joey had no concept of money. But then neither did Mike. The most money either had was a dollar bill sometimes, depending on Pa’s humor.

Mike sat in front of the TV and thought for a moment. “On TV they use cards, they don’t use money. Maybe we could check out the TV and see what they look like.”

The TV’s broken. We can’t watch. It’s been broken for weeks. But I think I remember what they look like.” Joey took a crayon and drew a picture on piece of paper. “Like this.”

Joey and Mike sat back on their heels. It was getting late and soon supper would be ready.

“I know where I can find some of those we can use,” Mike said. Then he left to go find some.

After supper Mike took the million dollar bills out of his pocket.

“What about these?”

“Okay, let’s use them.”

They placed the plastic pieces and started to play.

“Joey! Mike! Get down here!” Pa’s voice got their attention. They filed downstairs.

“What do you know about my wallet and credit cards?”

W/C 300
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