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The best way I can describe how I feel about the ups and downs of life is how we would not be where we are if it weren't for the bad times. Everything in life seems to even out. Look at how the grass grows after a day of rain. One significant thing that happened to me recently is a job I took that ended up not working out. I had two job offers and I had gotten angry at the choice I had made . After a few months of trying, I chose to leave and realized I had no where to go. I ended up going back to live with my mother to "figure my life out". This ended up being just before this whole "pandemic" began. I was really down on myself thinking I had made the wrong choice and that I should have gone with the other job. Hind sight is 20/20. The town I would have gone to in the other job was horribly struck with many deaths due to the virus. Also, my mothers farm had lost several workers and I have been a great help for them at this time. So, although we may have to go through some rainy days, don't get down on yourself. Just wait for the grass to grow!
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