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It's a fiction to imagine what would happen if we trust AI's too much
"A glance at the age of the Robots"
By Robert. S Albi

Once there was an inventor named Ronald. He used to live near a forest. He invented a lot of weird machines. He specially made weird robots. He was very much interested in time traveling. Though it was just a theory, still he would believe that people could really time travel. He always wanted to see the world at a state where robots will help the humanity. Near the forest there was a village. The villagers used to make fun of him for his weird inventions and his theories. One day, he got frustrated of being made fun. So he decided to make something that will blow the villagers mind. He started thinking of making the perfect machine. He thought and thought but couldn't figure out what he could make that would be outstanding. There he thought of an idea. He decided to make a machine that will make him go to the future.
He started making designs of that machine. He looked for all the instruments and parts to build the machine. For this reason he had to go to different places. The villagers got curious about this and asked him about his current behavior. He would tell them that he was making something extraordinary this time. People ignored the fact because they would think that he was inventing something weird again. He never paid attention to the villagers. He worked a lot to build the machine. It took him 7 months to finish building his machine. One day he finished building the machine. He got so busy with making it that he forgot to name it. He thought perfect name for the machine. He named it 'The Tumbells'. It was the name of his first bike which was given as a present by his father.
He told the villagers that he had made a machine that could take him to the future. No one trusted him. They thought it was just another peculiar invention of his. As people didn't listen to him, he decided to show them instead. But before that he wanted to make the first journey by himself. So he got into the machine and started it with much excitement. It was taking a bit time to start. He again tried. But it wasn't starting. He got a little bit depressed but didn't lose hope. He had a lot of attempts. It was getting dark outside but still he decided to work. While working he fell asleep beside the machine. The next morning he tried again and this time he succeeded. The machine got started. He became a bit nervous but still he wanted to move forward. It was getting gloomy everywhere. He lost his mind. When he regained his consciousness he was surprised. He saw a building in front of him. It was huge. He never would've seen something like that before in his life.
He wanted investigate more. So he got inside the building. It was an unusual feeling. He looked here and there but couldn't find a single man. He got scared. He thought of getting out of there but due to curiosity he decided look for more information. While going further, he stumbled. He saw a big picture. There he saw something made of iron was killing humans. He got astonished. He decided to go back. All on a sudden someone struck him from the back. He lost his consciousness. After a moment, he woke up and saw some people. He was relieved. He tried to reach out to them but couldn't move because he was tied with ropes. They saw him and came to him with anger and asked about him. He said he came from the past. He was just an inventor. People didn't believe him. They thought of killing him. That time, a man came to him and looked into his eyes. He said, 'Let him go. He won't do any harm."
They untied Ronald. He thanked the man. The man said, "I have been observing you from the time when you came to this place with that machine." "Where did you come from anyway?" Ronald said, "I really don't know (Though he thought he came from the past but still for not having any proof he had to say that). But the machine I made was to travel the time." "Really?" the man said. The man told Ronald that the robots have taken over the world. "ATROS! What's that?" said Ronald. "You don't know what Atros is? Well it's a machine which programmed to do physical activities automatically. Its a robot which is automatically functioned. Well, it was created to help the humanity but due to their AI they got much smarter and stronger. As a result they started taking over the world instead of helping the humanity." Ronald was surprised to know things like this. He also told Ronald about their current situation. Ronald was very shocked because invention is his thing and these inventions are making people suffer. Ronald asked the man how he could help them to save their world because he couldn't stand the world being destroyed by the technology.
The man got very pleased to hear him and said, "You could save the world by going back to the world and fix the past. That is the best way to save the world from being destroyed. Furthermore the atros have already have taken over the world and only a few people are alive." Ronald also thought about it and said, "Well, I guess you have a point there." It was getting late. The man proposed that they should get some rest and he should go back tomorrow. Ronald was given a room which looked more like a cell. The next morning when he woke up he heard some weird noises like some machine's movement. He tried to peek outside and he saw something that would blow up his mind. He saw bloods everywhere. He got scared. He saw the robots everywhere. All on a sudden, the man called him from the back and said he needed to get him out of here. He was nervous but pulled himself together. The man showed him a secret passage way through the canal. While they were going in the canal the atros got into the room. The man said, "You need to get out. I'll try to hold them off and also hope that you could fix the past." "Thank you for everything," Ronald said. The man smiled at Ronald and told him to go.
Ronald got out from the canal. He reached the place where he left his machine. But SHOOT! There was an Atro beside his machine. He was trying to identify the machine. Ronald couldn't find any way to get rid of that Atro. All on a sudden he hit an idea. He started making some weird sound through his phone that he had. The got distracted. He took the opportunity and went to his machine. He started it. The Atro was coming to him. The machine got started and again everywhere looked gloomy around him. This time when he woke up he was on his bed. He looked around for a bit and said, "Was I dreaming all this time." Then he got up and went to his machines. By looking at them he thought that it would be better off if he stops making these robots. He thought instead of making robots he should make things that will help the people to be relied on them not on automatic machines. Thus he thought the world should be full of humans not robots.


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