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Azure, a mythical being, is lost in Tokyo, Japan without the memories of his true self.
The Lost Demonic Prince



AZURE OKAMI The son of demonic god of water and poison
                                                  Ryo Okami and goddess of ice and snow, Conetina
                                                  Jen. He was born in the Okami Underwater
                                        Kingdom in a mythical world called Ibitara. Other
                                                  than his sky blue hair and pointed ears, Azure has the
                                                  appearances of a human.
YUKON JEN                               A creation and spawn of ice and other magic
                                                  made by Conetina Jen; making him the
                                                  half-brother of Azure. He was also his best
                                                  friend growing up but they were separated when
                                                  Azure was banished. Other than his white hair and
                                                  the abnormal markings on his face, Yukon has the
                                                  appearances of humans.

Act I Scene i

The year is 1869 Earth's time, a year after Tokyo became the capital of Japan. The apartment is pitch black other than the primary light source illuminating the residence- the moon, which is shining through the half-open window that is curtainless and shadeless. Since AZURE is not of this world, he has been unable to pay the electric bill because he doesn't have any money. He decides that he doesn't want to be around the inner barren walls of his home and goes to the rooftop of the building. YUKON arrives in Tokyo, Japan during the month of June after the discovery of an ancient and magical crystal back in his home country, Ibitara. When his best friend suddenly disappeared, he devotes himself to finding a way to teleport to AZURE'S location and bring him back to their land. Without AZURE, the kingdom which is currently ruled by his father, Ryo Okami, a spiteful leader, will most definitely bring more pain and suffering to many individuals.

YUKON (Speaking to the fuschia-colored emerald in the palm of his hand): Now, where is my best friend Azure? (There is a bright luminescence gleaming from the mineral. It suddenly levitates from his hand and moves as part of the air, though, in the direction of AZURE. It begins to rain as he follows the floating crystal. Reaching the apartment, the glow vanquishes.) So, he is here? It is beginning to rain... if the raindrops touch his body, there may be a chance that the contact will result in ice formation. That won't be good... (Ice begins to spread down the outer walls of the apartment, covering the front of the building. At this rate, the building could be swallowed by ice.) Damn it, I'm too late. What are the chances that he notices?
AZURE (Hearing footsteps approaching from behind; frightened, yet mostly frustrated. Turning around to face the other man and suddenly astonished by the ice covering the rooftop): Who are you?! What makes you think that you can come to my apartment like this?! (Surprisingly, balancing on the ice without slipping.) You must have an explanation behind this ice!
YUKON (Chukling): It is not I who brought this ice, Azure. It was you. We may have trained together, and I may be able to use ice just like you, but I would never use it knowing that you lack your memories.
AZURE (Fuming): How do you know my name?! I am not going to ask you again, who are you?!
YUKON: It really sucks that I have to be the one to jog your memory. But after everything you've done for me, after you saved me, this is the least I can do for you. (Hand rummaging in the inner pocket of his cloak. Pulling out several pictures.) I hope these are enough for you to remember. If not, we are going to have to try another method. (Walking closer to his best friend.) You were not born here in Tokyo, but in a world called Ibitara.
AZURE (Looking at the pictures, only noticing himself): How do you have pictures of me? This makes no sense at all. (Pause.) You expect me to believe all of this from a stranger? You might have found those pictures somewhere, perhaps off the internet.

YUKON (Annoyed): I never remembered my friend being this uncooperative. Just do me a favor as I explain my story. No, this is your story, your very existence. It is I doing the favor of retelling it all to you from beginning to end. If you don't believe me by the end of it, then fine, I will return to Ibitara by myself. But let me just tell you this, your people will be very disappointed in you.
AZURE (Tilting head in confusion): My people? Did you fall off a cliff and hit your head? I don't interact with people if you couldn't tell. Care to explain yourself?
YUKON: That's what I've been trying to do, though, you keep interrupting me. (Sighing.) Where did I leave off? You are a prince of the Okami Underwater Kingdom, a province of the realm Ibitara. You were born of a demonic king-god, Ryo, who has the power of water and poison. He abused your mother, the goddess of ice and snow of a mountain region owned by the Jen clan. You also have a twin sister named Chiyo, but I won't talk too much about her. Your father gave the both of you up when you were born. He claimed that you were "mentally stupid," yet would one day grow powerful. Your sister, on the other hand, was an intellectual genius but seemed to be powerless. You two balanced each other out perfectly, but to your father, you were both disappointments. Your mother was devastated greatly. She tried what she could to save you but she was cursed. If she disobeyed, she would die from the poison around her heart.

AZURE: You're telling me that I am a royal demon born in a different universe? Do you really expect me to believe this?
YUKON: Yes. I know you must have many questions, but you should really save them for the end. Your father left you and your sister stranded in Azernon, a city occupied by mainly humans. He did this because he thought the humans could bring an end to you before you became a threat to his reign. Then, you were adopted by a human couple, Michio and Misaki Yamayuchi. They provided food, shelter, and education for you.
AZURE (Impatient, vexed): I don't see where you come into this "story of mine."
YUKON: Gee, you're so incredibly impatient! Trust me, there is a point to this. Your adoptive parents were killed by your biological father. He brought pain to you because he knew that your powers were linked to your emotions. He wanted you two to have an intensive battle when you grew older, but of course, resulting in your death. After the death of your human adoptive parents, you and Chiyo were placed into a foster home for the night. That's where we met. We became friends and trained under your mother and grandfather, Fukushi. We wanted to kill your father and put an end to his brutal reign. He brought pain to you and all of the Okami people. As a result, you wanted revenge. As your best friend, I accompanied you on this adventure.

AZURE: How did that turn out, then? Fighting against my father, I mean. (Looking down at his hands. Having a strong urge to use the powers that he apparently possesses, but forgotten how to use them. Now sitting back on the ice.)
YUKON: Well... (Scratching back of head.) I died, actually. (Taking a seat next to AZURE and handing over the pictures to him.) All sides were gravely injured. You then left on a journey to return me to life, it is possible back in our world. It took years, but you refused to give up. You wanted to return me, your one and only friend back to the world of the living. (Pointing at the abnormal patterned markings on his face.) These marks indicate my existence. Long story short, if I ever get stabbed along the markings on my face, I am good as dead.
AZURE: So, that's what you meant by me saving you... (Glancing through the images he was given. The pictures range greatly from friend and family pictures. The final portrait was him with a woman that was especially unfamiliar, and not yet mentioned by his best friend yet.) Who is this?

YUKON (Chuckling): Oh, right. I haven't talked about her yet. Years later when you became a teenager, your aunt told you about a girl that needed saving. Her name is Teruko, she is a fire demon. You actually fell in love with her, she is your girlfriend back in our world.
AZURE (Astonished, yet disgusted): No! There is no possible way that I fell in love with a fire demon! I hate the heat, I would do anything to avoid it! Not just flames, but I would NEVER go out during the day because I hate how the sun radiates its heat! I hate sweating! How could this even happen to me? You just told me that I've been an ice demon my entire life. So, why did I go after her? This makes no sense!
YUKON (Entertained by AZURE'S reaction): Love just happens and there is no stopping or explaining it. I can't really describe much from that story, but you two adore each other greatly. That's a story you would have to hear from her or try to remember on your own. (Getting side-tracked by his thoughts.) Wait, how could he sweat? His body temperature is basically below zero with his ice power... (Pausing.) One day, Teruko will be sitting by your side as the queen of the Okami.
AZURE: You say I saved you and now this Teruko, I really am some hero, huh? That is strange... I would have never perceived myself as a savior of some sort. To be completely honest with you, I feel like more of a monster if anything...I don't know why but I thought that was how society viewed me. That's why I hardly ever leave the house. I fear isolation from society. Instead of being judged by them, I myself decided to stay inside so I can avoid the judgement. (Frowning.)
YUKON (Repeating in a quiet tone): A monster, huh? (Moving on.) Anyways, back to your story. One day, you planned on battling your father again. It ended quickly because Ryo cursed you. He took your memories and sent you here because you wouldn't be able to take the throne in a different realm. Even if you do kill your father, there is still one more thing you will have to do.

AZURE: Let me guess, an evil older brother?
YUKON: How'd you know?

AZURE: Oh, I was right? I just took a guess. I do believe your words, though. You definitely wouldn't make something up like this on the spot.
YUKON (Thinking): Well, it's about time he cooperates with me... (Resuming with the conversation.) Anyways, you have an older brother named Ryota. He is basically the shadow of your father. Since he's the perfect child, he was raised to be just like him. When your father dies, Ryota will take the throne and lead the kingdom similarly. You will have to kill your brother in order to prevent history from repeating itself over and over again. Without you, there will be no Okami clan left to rule. The Okami people will go extinct if the monarchy is led entirely like a ruthless autocracy. The people have hope in you, Azure.
AZURE: I don't know how I viewed death in Ibitara, but all of this killing- my duty, it seems like such a hassle. (Sighs.) How long have I been here for? My people must have lost hope in me if I've been here for so long. What if they think I'm dead? They really can't think I am alive if I disappeared and haven't showed my face there in a long time.
YUKON: A year or so. It took me forever to find this crystal. Trust me, if I found it sooner, I would have come earlier. You were once extremely passionate about ending the brutality of your father's reign. Everyone who met you, or simply heard your name back in our world could defend that. (Shaking his head.) Teruko and I reassured the Okami people that you are alive, just somewhere in a distant land. Do not worry, they know this reunion between us is currently commencing and are patiently waiting for our return. They want to see their true king, and I will return him no matter what. (Pauses.) There is one last thing we have to do, though. (Going into the inner pocket of his cloak again. Taking out a small bottle filled with a mysterious violet liquid.)
AZURE (Raising an eyebrow, noticing the potion): What is that?
YUKON: During my journey, I came across rich minerals that contained certain specialities. I found someone, a witch or sorcerer of some sort to convert these magical nutrients into a potion. This should help you remember everything. I could have given it to you beforehand, but it wasn't necessary. If you ran away from me and disregarded me completely, then I would've ran after you and forced the potion down your throat. (Laughing.) If you plan on returning to Ibitara and killing your father right away, you are going to need to know how to use you powers. Rather than training you all over again, this potion will make you remember how to use your abilities. We can work together as a team once again and bring an end to your wicked father.

AZURE (Listening attentively, though changing the subject): Wait a second, I just realized something. You never told me your name, did you?
YUKON (Smiling): My name is Yukon Jen. I left this detail out, but your mother created me just by using ice. I was created for the purpose of finding and returning you, her lost son, for the first time when we were just children. Now here I am again, finding you, and bringing you back again. I think of her as my mom too. You aren't just my best friend. Technically speaking, you are also my half-brother. (Handing over the bottle.) Here, drink it.
AZURE: Well, it is nice to meet you again, Yukon. (Taking the bottle from him and removing the small cap. Bringing it close to his mouth and drinking it.)
YUKON (Inquisitive): So, how do you feel?
AZURE (Throwing the flask to the ground while screaming in joy): Yukon! You're here! You saved me! Hold on, it's time for the true test!
YUKON: Wait, Azure, I don't think you should-

AZURE (Looking at his hands again and laughing. Standing on his feet and walking over to the edge of the building. Putting his hands out and jumping off the roof. There was a bridge of ice forming underneath his feet; connecting the two buildings to each other): I still have it, Yukon! I can still use my powers as well as before!
YUKON (Fearful, defensive): Azure, come on! This is a different and powerless realm! If you get caught doing that, you will surely get shot down in an instant!
AZURE (Grinning boastfully): Do you truly think a bullet can take me down? I am a demigod! I can defeat any of these pitiful Japanese humans that come in my path if I have to!
YUKON: Of course not, I am not downgrading you, my friend. Please, relax. We should keep you away from as many Earthlings as possible. Attacking innocent lives is unnecessary. Besides, that would only prove that you are just like your father. As your best friend, I know you are nothing like him and you are doing everything you can to be better than him. But seriously, don't you think we should get back to Ibitara now? Who knows the pain your father could be causing right now! If you keep trying out your powers here, we will never get back! Besides, the two of us can have a quick sparring match before we head off to the kingdom and defeat your father.
AZURE: Right, right. You never seem to fail me, Yukon. Thank you for helping me realize the importance of the time on our hands. Anyways... (Jumping off the bridge of ice, joining his friend on the rooftop. Then embracing him to display appreciation.) Where is that fancy looking diamond of yours? We need that in order to return to our world, correct?
YUKON: Yes. (Returning the embrace before picking up the emerald on the ground. Then standing straight.) Wait, something is odd...
AZURE: What's the matter?

YUKON (Hesitating): It seems to have lost its energy...
AZURE: Yukon... (Inhaling deeply.) Are you trying to say we might be stuck here in Tokyo?
YUKON: There has to be a way I can charge it up again!
AZURE: You have lightning, just try that! The electric charges may spark it up again or something!
YUKON (Doubtful, panicking): That may not work! What if the power can only be used once?! What if we have to wait another year to wait for its power to regenerate?!

AZURE: I've been stuck here for a year, I can't deal with this again! Especially if I can't use my powers in front of these people! We have goals! We need to get out of here now! What about Teruko?! I have to get back to my girlfriend! Yukon, do something! You can't say your lightning won't work unless you try it! We need clarification, so just try it already!
YUKON: I am trying, alright?! There is only so much I can do! (Holding the emerald with both hands; letting the lightning from his palms come in contact with the magical device. AZURE stands by watching. In the matter of seconds the emerald doesn't glow, but crumbles into several pieces. YUKON falls to his knees, sobbing dramatically.) How is that even possible! We are doomed! I had one job, and that was to return you to Ibitara! I failed! Now we are going to be stuck here forever! We're going to die!
AZURE: I'm supposed to be freaking out, Yukon! Don't make me use my brain, you know nothing good ever comes from it! (Pacing back and forth while trying to think.) Okay... don't freak out! There has to be some way out of here. That emerald was created in Ibitara for the purpose of teleporting here. That must mean the dimensions are somehow connected. Perhaps there is a diamond somewhere here in Japan. Think about it, where did you find that diamond in Ibitara? If we find a similar location here, there might be a similar diamond hidden.
YUKON: T-that is a genius idea coming from you! Gee, and your father thought you were stupid! I guess HE was the only stupid one! (Rubbing his chin.) I found it in the mouths of dragons.
AZURE (Bursting into laughter): A dragon's mouth?! That sounds ridiculous! Where did you possibly find a dragon in our world? No, better question, how are we going to find one here?

YUKON: Dragons, as in plural, not singular. I had to gather the hidden dragons of each clan; fire, ice, water, wind, lightning, nature, light, and darkness. So, I went to each clan's domain; Termo, Jen, Okami, though it was almost impossible, Fintan, Dima, Nauen, Siaka, and Suileabhan. Why do you think I took a year to get here?! Because my task was basically impossible! Words cannot describe the pain and suffering I experienced just to find that damn gem! It turned out to be useless...
AZURE: That must have been a lot of work, all just to find me and return my memories. But there has to be some historical sights here or something that symbolizes the elements of nature. If not, we are going to have to restore the magic to the crystal we have. (Hands hovering above YUKON'S, using his ice to freeze all of the broken shards of the diamond. Then shoves the ice block into his pocket.)
YUKON: We will come to a solution, though it will come in steps. As of now, Azure, we need to learn more about this world. I have an idea, but I know you are going to hate it.
AZURE (Gasping.): No, don't say it!
YUKON: Yes, my friend, we have to go to the library and read books. This brings back the old days, doesn't it, Azure? Here we are, just the two of us on another journey. Let's just hope, and certainly, we will find our way home to Ibitara.


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