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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2220909
Flash Fiction
"What day is it?"

"The day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow."

"Very funny. I want to know what day it is so I know what to prepare myself for."

"We been hangin' here in the dark so long I've lost count."

"I hope it's Thursday."


" 'cause that's the day they use the water on us and you stink."

"Charming, you're not so fragrant yourself."

"Let's think. It was the rack yesterday and the bed of nails the day before ..."

"It's only Monday then. The rack is always our Sunday treat."

"Whose idea was this anyway?"

"You said you wanted to come."

"But when they said 'A Month in the Middle Ages' I thought they meant feasting and jousting."

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