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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2220946
Flash Fiction 5/2/20 W/C 299
Aliens and Spacemen

WC 299

Andy and Billy were sitting under a tree, bored.

“Let’s play cowboys and Indians.”

“Mom said no way. No violence.” Billy pushed a worm around with a stick.

“What about aliens and spacemen then?” Andy always could something fun to do.

“How do we play?”

Andy stood up and gestured wildly. “The aliens could be under a big tree.” He pointed to the tree.

“What kind of tree?” Billy was still bored. He was now lying down, the worm about to go in his mouth.

“Um, a cake tree. Yep, a cake tree, that the spacemen on the hula-hoop planet want to capture.” Andy climbed the tree and hung from a branch. Upside down, he dropped a stick on Billy.

“Hey! Knock it off.” Billy now had two sticks. He used them like drum sticks for a minute. Then he used them like chop sticks to pick up another worm.

“Okay, now the spacemen are coming to the cake planet because they have the cake tree that has cake all over it. The tree grows cake. Get it?”

“I don’t know. Spacemen might not come through space just for some cake. Would there be ice cream to go with the cake?” Billy found more sticks and made a circle to keep his worms corralled. He had dug up five worms.

“The hula-hoop planet that the spacemen live on is out of cake and ice cream. They need cake and ice cream for a big party. So they have to go to the alien planet to get cake and ice cream. Get it?”

Andy jumped down from the tree. He squished the worms and broke Billy’s corral.

“Hey! Look what you did! You killed the worms!”

They wrestled on the ground until mom yelled, “I said no violence!”
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