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a few years into a relationship, step mom, ended badly
I met jocob at laurel park. he was an exercise rider and had come past the barn a few times. i think he came by to visit with heather, our hot walker, and she introduced him to me. he had stated that he needed a place to stay. i thought about it but my life was hectic enough. for the next few days he continued to come by and we all sat around talking horses. the conversation always ended with him asking if i knew anywhere he could crash as he had no where to stay. i finally folded and said he could stay with me if he was really homeless. i was only staying in a room above a garage, ONE room, but if he was good he could sleep on the floor. then, of course, he had no vehicle so would be riding in with me. in exchange, i was on a farm with work that needed to be done there so i would have him work it off somehow. the first night was good. he slept on the floor and there was nothing weird at all. we went to work and when we came home he helped at the farm. all good, i thought. soon, as i seem to do, we got closer and as good friends continued to get closer. his clothes and things were at his friends apartment near baltimore city. he had asked for a ride to go get them. i met his roommate, tim, and got a glimpse into the living conditions. a two room apt., surely enough room for the two of them. but i assumed he had a hard time getting to work as Tim was sick and in bed more often than not. he didnt come out of his room at all that day. before we left jacob went in to say goodbye and come out with a handful of pills. he said it helped him with his anxiety and allowed him to relax. he shared, a one time thing i didnt think twice about. he settled himself in more and more. Justin (my boss) was leaving to go back and race in Canada for the summer. i was worried about being out of a job. but he had me meet one of his owners in PA and i aquired my first 6 races to run in my name. at first there were only 2 but sent the other 2yr old fillies after he left. I was moved out of the private barn and into a barn i shared with hammi smith. i kept a perfectly neat shedrow and even made the old bathroom into a cozy tack room and office.

...work in progress.....
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