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by Jolanh
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2220965
Ms Reynards misguided plan is put into action.
Ms. Reynard stood behind the oak desk, across from the teens. Her arms crossed with a disappointed grimace a basset hound would envy. The noblewoman was Vexed with Ethan the most. He knew this because she kept looking at the silver-haired teen and shaking her head in disgust.

Constance was angry with Ethan. He didn't understand why. It had something to do with Clara, a young noblewoman he had saved from an assassin. She mentioned something about his intentions with Clara. He didn't have any.

Constance narrowed her eyes into a demonic stare, with a frown that curved down to her knees, “Admit it, you want to win Lady Clara's heart.”

“I SAVED THE DAMN GIRL BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.” He raised his fist crackling with energy. His index finger rose and slowly moved towards Constance, “You had better back off, or you will ride the lightning.”

“Guth Tosta,” Constance retorted, waving her hands. She watched Ethan's hand nervously.
“Why is your magic still active? I silenced it.” she was now backing away from his hand like a diseased riddled corpse.

“How interesting. Cumhacht Scoite,” Ms. Reynard said. Her arms moved in a more complicated pattern. “Impossible, your magic should have ceased.”

It was an auspicious moment for Ethan. For the first time, since his powers emerged, hope entered the complex equation he called his life. “What if my powers are different from magic?”

“Ridiculous,” Constance said.

“Think about it. You couldn't heal me at the restaurant, and you can't silence my power. Can everyone learn magic?”

“Yes, to varying degrees... I am supposed to be mad at you,” Ms. Reynard said.

“You haven't earned the right to be mad. What are your intentions with me?”

“Constance, please leave. What I have to say is for Ethan's ears alone.”

She rose angrily, “I am a part of this group I should get to stay.”

“Awe Muffin, do you want to stay up later too?” Ethan Chided.

“You are a vile excuse for a man.”

“Yes, and you are a spiteful shrew. I could step on you and not even know it.”

Constance howled in frustration and left the room slamming the door behind her so hard several pictures shifted on the wall. Ms. Reynard massaged her temples, “Could you be nicer towards her?”

“She started it.”

“Does that mean you have to continue it?”

“Yes. I suggest you get to the point. I have had a rather long and difficult day filled with all sorts of discussions I didn't want to have.”

“Mr. Nottle collects comics, did he tell you that?”

“No. I barely know the dude.”


“The word has a myriad of uses. Get to the point,” Ethan said.

“I want to bring Rathmore into a more modern age. At this time, I want to focus on Medicine. Healing magic can only do so much, and potions vary from chemist to chemist,” Ms. Reynard had sat beside him now. She stared at him and held his hand with care.

Ethan let her do it. He found her soft hands soothed him, and she had this strange look in her eye every time she looked at him. It was like he reminded her of something or someone. “Sounds like a good cause to champion. How do I fit in.”

“Are you being nice to me?"

"I am surprised myself, get to the point."

"Mr. Nottle suggested you become a superhero to Rathmore. We would outfit you with advanced equipment. Mr. Nottle seems to think if we can make this modern idea work, it may open the minds of the people."

For the first time since they met, Ethan embraced Ms. Reynard, despite the horrifying grandma perfume she wore. "When do we start?"


Ethan returned to his fancy room. He stared at the beautiful murals on the wall. They were religious, but he didn't care about that. Mr. Nottle entered, holding a white envelope aloft in a gloved hand.

"Master Ethan, Lady Clara has responded to your message," he said. The manservant seemed more excited about the letter than Ethan was. Spoilers, Ethan is not happy to see the letter.

After being handed the envelope, Ethan pulled the wax seal away and read the flowery words of someone who had far too much time on their hands.

"Dearest Ethan,
Father told me you stopped by to make sure I was safe. I almost burst into song in front of my friends. I have acquired their envy, and enjoy every minute of it.

I have a question, what should I do about Constance? She seems to think we share the same preferences when it comes to potential mates. I will never see Constance in a romantic light, perhaps as a good friend. We will have to tell her about us at some point.

I look forward to seeing your handsome visage soon. For the first time, I am eager to start a courtship. Ours will be a love that will endure the ages.
Love always, Your Clara."

Mr. Nottle had an amused expression on his face as Ethan tore up the letter. He patted Ethan on the back, "I am sure she will realize what she is missing."

"Get me a pen and some paper," Ethan said. He had big plans. None of them included Clara.

"That's the spirit. Don't give up on your heart's desire."

"Do you remember that time I punched you in the head?"

"No, sir. I don't recall such an event."

"You will if you keep talking."

Mr. Nottle went white and quickly left the room in search of the requested items. When he returned, he waited by the door. "As always, I will make sure the letter expediently reaches Lady Clara."

Ethan rolled his eyes before putting the jet black ink to the fine stationery paper. "Clara, what is your problem? I will tell you what I told your father. I want to punch the Hawk Nosed assassin in the face and look awesome while doing it. I don't feel anything for you. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Once again, there are no romantic feelings on my end. Ethan."

"Deliver this, please," Ethan said, holding out the letter for Mr. Nottle to take.

Mr. Nottle took the letter and bowed before leaving. Ethan fell asleep after a while. He dreamt of tearing through the streets of Rathmore dispensing justice.


The next couple of days flew by. For the first time, Ethan got to test the limits of his abilities. He could lift a metric ton, which was about three thousand pounds. His speed topped out at 65 km. Ethan was not the most agile person, but time would cure the problem. As for his power, he couldn't throw electrical bolts, nor could he shape it. He was immune to any sort of electrical attack, silence, healing spells, people with charm abilities, and mind readers. On the flip side, Ethan couldn't use the simplest of spells.

Ms. Reynard called in an expert armor and weaponsmith to help outfit Ethan. His name was Jules Hawk, and he had some pretty solid ideas.
Jules was a jovial sort, and the room lit up the moment he entered. He was a man getting up there in years but still maintained a certain boyish charm. Beneath the friendly exterior was a ruthless professional, that demanded perfection for each client.

Ethan shook hands with him, "Let's get to work."

Jules chuckled, "From what Ms. Reynard told me about your abilities, your best bet is runes." Ethan could tell the man was trying to crush his hand, "Do you even register my grip?"

The question went unanswered, "Why runes?"

Jules pulled out a pipe and took a long pull, "Do you know the difference between a spell, enchantment, and rune?"

"How about we assume I don't know anything."

"A spell is accompanied by hand actions and words. It is the most basic discipline of magic. The main problem of spell casting is memorization. One wrong hand action or word changes the spell and can have terrible consequences."

It made sense to Ethan. "Okay, what about an enchantment?"

"Enchantments are meant to imbue objects for a set period. Again the more complex the enchantment, the more effective it is. The usual time frame is a year, and then the item must be recharged. I do not care for them in the least." Jules said. He relit the pipe and sent cherry-scented smoke drifting across the room.

"Are runes any better?"

"I prefer runes to other options. All runes require energy to be activated. Any kind of energy can power one. I once triggered a rune using heat from a candle. They don't require words or hand actions, and they never need to be recharged. The effects never last as long as an enchantment, but the consistency in power and effect is second to none."

Ethan still didn't follow, "I will be using runes?"

Jules grinned, "You don't have magic but can produce electrical energy. Runes will be your bread and butter. Is there anything else?"

Ethan remembered the Ruger Blackhawk. He deftly pulled the steel holster and handed it the curious weaponsmith. "Can you make something like this? I have a feeling range is going to be a problem."

"This is from your realm. Have you tried to fire it?"

"No, I don't like the idea of killing someone or myself by accident. I brought it with me for protection."

"I will see what I can come up with."


Ethan wound up being trained by a descendant of Ghengis Khan. He had a no-nonsense approach to teaching. Ethan called him Master Khan. Master Khan did not know magic, nor did he have much use for it. Khan led Ethan to his tent set up at the back of the estate.

"Over the next little while, training will be your life. You will perfect each move before learning the next. We begin at dawn and end at dusk. You will be terrible, but I will make you great. Choose a weapon." It was impossible to tell if Khan had a sense of humor or not.

On a long wooden table were weapons from all over the world. Ethan didn't want a sword. He needed something that could hold a group at bay, and excel in single combat. He also required something that had many uses outside of combat. It also needed to be easy to hide.
He noticed a curious weapon, two brass weights on either end of a steel chain. Khan picked up on his interest

"The meteor hammer is difficult to learn. Once it leaves the table there is no turning back." Khan stared at him. The warrior's gaze was unsettling and made Ethan feel two inches high.

Ethan mulled it over for thirty seconds before he lifted the soft weapon off the table. "Let's get to work."

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