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A supernatural tale of love
         Avery Fox, a young pilot from California, had always had a passion for flight. As a child she would gaze up at airplanes in the sky and think, "That will be me someday. I can't wait to take to the sky, like a bird!"

         Years passed, and as a young adult she finally finished her training and headed to the airport to take her first solo flight. As she headed onto the tarmac, she saw her flight instructor. "How do you feel?" he asked.

         "A little nervous," she replied.

         "You've had all the training you need," he reassured her. "You'll be fine." He gently patted her on the back with a final encouragement, "You got this."

         "Thanks," she smiled before opening the door to the Cessna and settling into the cockpit. "Strange how the cockpit feels bigger now that I'm on my own," she said to herself. She settled into the seat and took a deep breath before turning on the plane's engine.

         As she pulled back on the plane's handle, the aircraft gradually took to the sky. Seconds later, she gazed down at the patchwork fields below. All seemed perfect.

         Suddenly, a strange sound came from just below her. "What is going on?" wondered Avery. Then she realized the problem. "Oh no, not this! It's a bird strike!"

         While taking off, a bird got sucked into the propellers! There was nothing she could do. The plane, only airborne for seconds, began to quickly descend. "Is this the end?" wondered Avery. As she neared the ground, tears began to flow from her eyes. "How will my parents deal with me being gone?" she wondered.

         Then, the last thing she heard was a big, "BANG" as the plane made contact with the earth. A farmer in a neighboring field witnessed the crash and called 911. Soon, the medics arrived and pulled her out of the wreckage. They found her lying on her side and gently rolled her onto her back to begin CPR.

         Later, in the emergency room, she regained awareness, however she wasn't awake. "I feel like I'm slowly ascending towards the ceiling," she said to herself. Looking down, she saw her now lifeless body lying on a gurney, with an attractive, middle- aged physician trying to bring her back. After experiencing a sucking sensation she opened her auburn eyes and looked straight into the blue, spectacled eyes of the doctor.

          "I've got her back!" he informed the nurses.

         Avery looked at the doctor. His short hair fell perfectly around his face, a pleasing shade of brown that was only starting to turn grey. He looks like an angel," she thought. He is gorgeous! I can't take my eyes off him."

         "You took a beating," said the doctor. "Good thing your altitude wasn't too high or you wouldn't be here."

         "Thank you for saving me," she said softly.

         "Of course," said the doctor. "That's what I'm here for."

         "What is your name?" she asked.

         "I'm Dr. M," he answered while filling out Avery's chart. "I'm sorry you feel so wiped out right now, but we will get you back to health." He finished with her chart and left it on the end of her bed before turning on her tv. "I have to get going. I'll see you later."

         "Bye, Dr. M." said Avery. I wonder what the M stands for, she thought to herself. How mysterious...
She focused her attention on the tv. It was turned to the nightly news. "This just in," said the anchor, "A young pilot crashes her plane and is in the hospital in critical condition..."

          They make it sound like I did it on purpose, thought Avery before drifting off to sleep.


         Avery heard a knock on the door. She rose from her bed and went to answer it. It was her friend, Angela. "Hey, Avery, we should go to the swing dance tonight and see if we can get some attention. Want to go with me?"

         "Sure," answered Avery. "Just give me a minute to get dressed."

         A short time later, Avery and Angela arrived at the restaurant where the dance was. Avery looked over to the bar to see Dr. M ordering a drink. He was wearing a pale blue shirt with a velveteen black blazer and matching pants, but no tie. She fluffed her sapphire blue ruffled skirt and approached him.

         "Hey, Dr. M," said Avery. "Would you like to dance?"

         "I would love to," he replied. He took her hand and they headed out to the dance floor. They began in open position, and as she placed her hands into his she looked up into his cool, blue eyes. Soon he pulled her close to him into closed position. As he did so Avery noticed the scent of his cologne. He smells as hot as he looks, she thought.

         "You dance well," said Dr. M. He signaled her to do a tuck turn and then pulled her past him with a side pass.

         "So do you," she replied.

         The band started playing the Charleston song. "I love the Charleston!" said Avery.

         "So do I," said Dr. M. He pulled her to his side and they did a crossover for a few seconds. Then he moved her back into open and turned her around to do a tandem Charleston. "This is my favorite swing move," he said.

         "It's a fun one," said Avery. She looked back into his angelic face, admiring his crisp and clean-shaven appearance. She placed her left hand onto his shoulder. "Your jacket is so soft," she said.

         "Your dress is so pretty," said Dr.M.

         I can't control it anymore, thought Avery. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss his clean-shaven cheek and closed her eyes.


         Avery opened her eyes and realized she was still in the hospital. "It was all a dream!" she said to herself. "Dang it!"

         A couple of weeks later, Avery had recovered and went home. She didn't have any food in the fridge that was still good so she headed out to the store. She pulled up to the grocery store and headed inside.She walked down the aisle with the cake ingredients and saw Dr. M loading some into his cart. "Hi, Dr. M!" she said.

         "Oh, hello, Ms. Fox," he replied.

         "I was wondering.." said Avery as she gazed into those two blue spheres in his perfect face, " What does the M stand for?"

         "Mistofelees," he said quickly and returned to loading his cart.

         "You mean like the character in Cats?" Avery asked.

         "Yes, but everyone says that and I get tired of it so I just go by, 'Dr.M', " he answered.

         "Oh," said Avery. "Are you baking a cake?"

         "Yes, my wife and I are celebrating our daughter's birthday," said Dr. M.

         Avery felt her eyes begin to water. She excused herself and rushed to the ladies' room. "I'm in love with a married man!" she sobbed into the mirror. "I'm a Christian! I can't go after someone else's husband!"

         She knew she needed help, so she booked an appointment with a therapist. As she entered the office, she looked around at the teal walls with ceramic suns and moons on them. "What is bothering you?" asked the therapist as she combed her long, blonde hair.

         "A few weeks ago, I accidentally crashed my plane and fell in love with the ER doctor who saved my life, but I found out he's married! I don't know what to do," said Avery.

         "This is a very common problem," said the therapist. "I will have to put you in a trance so you can face the attraction head on." She scribbled some words on her notepad.

         "That sounds scary," said Avery, chewing her nails.

         The therapist set down her pen and looked at Avery. "Do you want to get over him, or not?"

         "I do want to," answered Avery.

         "Then we have to do this," said the therapist. She pulled out a pendulum and swung it back and forth in front of Avery. Soon, Avery was fast asleep.


         Avery found herself in front of a large Victorian house. She instinctively understood that this house represented her emotional/mental identity. She stepped up onto the veranda and opened the front door. The first room was the living room. It had purple walls and ornate furniture. An organ sat against the back wall, as she was an accomplished church organist. This room represented her public self.

         The next room was the kitchen. It was painted yellow, with rich brown shelves and cupboards. There was a pizza box on the table and a burger cooking on the stove. In the back was a bay window looking out on a beautiful garden.

         To the left was the door to the family room. It was painted kelly green and had mementos of her childhood, such as animal puppets and a teddy bear sitting on a rocking chair. It represented her family life and childhood.

         A spiral staircase lead up to the bedroom, which was pink. There were vertical stripes on the walls, alternating light pink and red. A canopy bed sat in the middle of the room, with Dr. M lying on it. As he lay, he was smoking an old-fashioned type of cigarette.

         "You can't stay here," said Avery to Dr. M. "You already belong to your wife."

         "Come on, you know you want me," said Dr. M.

         "I can't. Now go!"

         "You're making a big mistake, girl," said Dr. M. He tossed his cigarette onto the floor. Within seconds, the house was ablaze. Avery tried to evacuate but was unable to get out. Her lungs filled with smoke as she closed her eyes for the final time.


         Avery opened her eyes and saw that she stood at the gates of Heaven. Angels applauded. "Well done, good servant," said St. Peter.

         "What happened?" asked Avery.

         "You passed away trying to expel your forbidden love. The attraction was too great. You were good enough not to have an affair with him, though."

         "What now?" Avery still struggled to process all of this.

         "Take a look," said St. Peter, gesturing downward.

         Avery looked down and saw her church filled to capacity. Near the altar was her casket. "I still do love him. Can I still stay near him, somehow?"

         "Well, you can watch over him as the angels do," said St.Peter.

         "I would like to do that," said Avery.

         "So be it," said St. Peter.

         Meanwhile, back on Earth, Dr. M sat on the sofa, reading the newspaper. Mrs. Mistofelees cooked dinner.

         "Oh, bummer," said Dr. M. "There's an obituary for one of my patients." He let out a sigh.

         "I'm sorry, honey," said Mrs. Mistofelees. She walked over to the sofa and tenderly rubbed his shoulders.

         As Dr. M continued to work in the ER, Avery watched over him and sent him healing energy until the day he joined her in Heaven. They spent eternity together in innocent love.

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