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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2221152
Chapter 26
True to his word, the night that Tom and I talked about what to do about Sarah, Tom broke up with her. Sarah cried crocodile tears and begged Tom to stay with her. Tom had been strong and basically told her that he could not have her drinking and carrying on. Sarah tried to promise that she would stop but Tom said he did not believe her. Sarah packed her things and as she left she kicked my door.
Over the next five days we planned the little wedding and wedding reception. Both of the wedding and reception will be small. Only Ben’s and my closest friends would be there. With everything set in place Ben spends the night before the wedding at John’s house. Tom and I are alone at the condo with strict orders for Gwen still has yet to be caught. Tom and I pick up some Chinese food and go home for a quiet night. We rent a couple of horror films about a haunted doll and we eat our dinner that could have fed an Army.
I ask, “How are you doing about the whole Sarah thing?”
Tom says, “I am fine with it. I just wish she was a little more faithful to me. It hurts that she used me.”
I reply, “I’m really sorry Tom. Sarah really turned out to be a bitch.”
Tom says, “Ya well so goes life. I will find someone new and hopefully she will be loyal like Ben is.”
I say, “I have said it before, you will find the right woman, and she will love you and only you.”
Tom says, “Sarah doesn’t love anyone except for maybe herself.”
I shake my head, “Sarah is a heartless bitch and I always thought so. I never really trusted her. I only tolerated her because you were dating her.”
Tom says, “I was a fool. I should have listened to you and those damn rumors.”
I say, “Sarah put on a good show. I can see how you wouldn’t want to believe that stuff about her.”
Tom says, “She did, she had me fooled.”
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