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The beauty of learning.
From the point of a teacher who’s sheltered in place,
I adjust to my teaching throughout cyberspace.
From my laptop computer, I do indeed teach
with my students at home still within learning’s reach.

Now I miss standing up in the front of the class;
yet with Windows it’s like I have a looking glass
in which I have the access to students online;
education’s the thing and I think it is fine.

Through a window in my mind I see long ago
to my second grade teacher which is apropos.
Once she asked us to think what the future would be
and to draw it the best with our young artistry.

I don’t know if I had vision gifted okay,
or if insight was luck kindly granted that day.
But I did draw a window, and to my delight
was what I called the, High Flooded Future, all right.

Not that I was an artist with e’en drawing sense,
yet I do know the drawing was crowded and dense.
With the essence of speed and the hint of a race;
like the flurry of satellites soaring in space.

But alas, long ago has turned into the now;
we hang onto technology which does allow
me to interact freely with students at home,
or to text the far reaches of Sydney and Nome.

So, Is this the new normal? I did ask one time;
our new digital world is indeed quite sublime.
All the windows existing affords a return;
and for me, as a teacher, what better to learn.

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