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A prince avoiding responsibility runs off & finds himself shipwrecked & saved by a mermaid
Extended Summary:
A prince avoiding his role flees his kingdom to find himself shipwrecked. Saved by a mermaid he’s reminded of his loyalty to the throne.

The cumbersome prince, Able sat upon a throne slumped upon his hand. Able sighed, another lecture from his father the king. Able stared past his father to a stone brick wall window, dawning blue skies and seagulls. What lay beyond these walls? The prince reveled in thought. Able allowed himself to drift momentarily and he imagined himself on a large wooden ship with billowy sails. The wind blowing tempestuously past him and the sun on his back. Wouldn’t that be nice. The words coupled his thoughts. A clamorous sound of two hands simultaneously jouncing on the arms of the throne chair; where Able sit brought the prince out of his bewildered state.
“Able are you listening to me?” The king’s ranting had come to a pause and he postured himself over a cognitive Able. Able stared at his father’s grimacing, white bearded face.
“Yes father.” Able groaned dismissively turning his head to the side in an attempt to avoid his father’s confrontational presence.
“It’s just I don’t wish to be a prince, I have two brothers of equal heir to the throne. I much rather set my sight on things I could truly make use of, such as sailing…” The perturbed prince retorted with explanation.
“Sailing?” The king responded with bitter questioning.
“Yes father, sailing.” Able disputed.
The kings face grew red with anger as he eased away from Able‘s place on the throne, his hands starting to form fists.
The king withdrew his crouched position over the chair and his furrowed brow softened as the king regained composure.
“Able, my son. You’ve spent a great deal of time amongst our people and while your brothers also have a responsibility and claim to the throne it was in fact the people of our kingdom who chose you.”
Able’s face emptied of emotion, he’d thought the king had chosen him though the realization his vote as future king had been determined by the people had taken Able aback.
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