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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2221231
A supporting character, Prince Comely in his story world, and his Wants Needs and Desires
EXT: It is midday on the high wall of a castle. The Fall vista shows an expansive Kingdom, surrounded golden fields. Knights are riding in over the drawbridge as carts bring in produce. Men at Arms are gathering for a campaign abroad. The King and his younger son GUNTHER stand together on the high wall, speaking quietly as they await PRINCE COMELY, the first born son. He's been summoned for a mission of high importance.

INT: COMELY a young lad of twenty-five years hastens to his father. He is slight of build and stands out from the bustle as he weaves his way through halls of armed men and their ladies. It is the eve of a campaign and unlike the other men, the PRINCE is not armed, and wears the dress of a Diplomat. It is not an elegant garment but appropriate for those in the Foreign Service. Diplomats are not expected to stand out. He has black hair and a handsome visage. His voice and demeanor, are however, quite unlike a high born. His eyes are soft and his manner bespeaks somebody who persuades rather than commands. He goes about his business as ambassador in a manner that's cultivated, and refined to the extent of being almost invisible. This is no easy task for a prince, especially a first born, but he succeeds in putting those around himself at ease, and escapes the notoriety that one of his stature in life could otherwise expect. Nobody takes much note of his presence.

When it comes to the ladies he is shy, and keeps them at arm's length, avoiding to the extent possible their flirting and giggles. This leads to suspicions of his manliness, to the extent that his younger brother Gunther, it is whispered, will one day be king. Gunther is big, loud, and and fits the bill as someone destined for greatness.

COMELY steps outside the Keep and ascends the stone staircase joining his father and brother on the wall.

KING MALCOMB: The day is at hand when once again, war becomes the focus and must command our attention. You have done well, Gunther, in the training the army and providing the leadership that goes with it. Were it not for your skill and courage we'd long ago have fallen to our enemies. You deserve the highest of accolades. I pray you now go forth and continue the excellence you're service has shown in the past. This is a que for him to return to his duties and give the King an opportunity to discuss a matter of importance with Prince Comely, his older brother.

GUNTHER tips his hat and departs.

MALCOMB: Comely, you've done well in matters of state, mobilizing our resources and convincing our neighbors of the important task before us. You're a fine lad. keep up the good work.

Comely, saw this for what it was... being damned with faint praise. Still, he accepted the role given by his father, wanting to be deemed worthy rather than coveting the crown. Earning his father's esteem was strong and unanswered, and the want of it gnawed inside his heart. He longed for the same acclaim his brother had won on the battlefield, and despite his success in matters of state, he could never achieve the recognition from his father, he so desperately desired.

MALCOMB: The day will come when I must choose a successor. On the one hand you are the first born and heir apparent. On the other your brother has demonstrated more of the qualities expected of a king. He has been tested and is a known commodity while you have yet to achieve such status. However, it could be that you've some hidden, unseen qualities. Being a good King requires more than a strong arm and a sharp sword.

Comely was surprised by his father's perceptiveness.

MALCOMB: What I do know is that you're my blood. You deserve a chance to prove yourself, and the time has come for you to step up.

COMELY: I'm ready.

MALCOMB: "I've a quest for you. Go and find the Magical Realm. Beseech the Magicians of Old and plead our case to become allies and stand with us against the rising tide of our enemies."

COMELY: "To what ends do I make our plea?"

MALCOMB: "For the Dragons, Comely, the Dragons. In days of old it was the Dragons who decided things. With the Magic Kingdom as a friend, we need fear no evil.

COMELY: " And to what limits may I negotiate their support?"

The King stared in dismay.

MALCOMB: "Look around boy! Take it all in. Offer them anything! Our very survival is at stake."

COMELY: "...And where do I search for this Magic Kingdom?" He is perplexed by his lack of knowledge.

MALCOMB: "In the No Man's Land, to the South, three days down the river. Just above the Great Falls, somewhere in the vicinity of a broad plateau is an enchanted forest. That's where it's said to be. You'll know it when you see it.

COMELY: "I'll leave in the hour."

MALCOMB: "The sooner the better! Go incognito. You'll be on the edge of Monk Stephen's domain. Don't get yourself captured, as that would be heavy blow to our fortunes. Be "Inconspicuous." Many have searched, and none were rewarded. It is a quest of great difficulty and one fraught with peril. I hesitate to risk you, but what other choice is there?"

COMELY: He bowed low... "Your confidence, in me, this the most humble of subjects, will not be in vain!" He bowed low.

MALCOMB: "Bless you my son, but please don't refer to yourself as "SUBJECT".... You're my, KINDRED."

EXT: Comely leaves his father and descends into the keep. INT: He meets his brother, Gunther. The two have a love and mutual respect for each other despite the efforts of the King to make them into competitors. Prince Comely is smaller and more introspective. Prince Gunther is big, confident and outgoing. Some of Gunther's masculine facade is a front to cover his deep seated fears. He knows his limits and has no desire to become King. He has long suspected that an intrigue could manifest itself to get his brother out of the picture and him installed as heir. It is not a prospect he welcomes or encourages. In his view Comely should be king, while he should command the military, a job he is well suited for. Further, Comely is the more cerebral of the two.

Comely dreads the young women who constantly flirt and giggle around him, drawn by his position and good looks. They are disconcerting and make him nervous. Gunther is comfortable around the opposite sex and often uses Comely's shyness to embarrass his brother, as siblings are want to do. Gunter's girl friend, Greta, is Comely's secret crush, and her beauty and overt sexuality are so overpowering that he is unable to approach her much less manage a conversation. Gunther has put her up to a little prank, making her party to a jest she wants no part of.

Upon entering the Keep, Prince Comely notices his brother and Greta conversing in low tones. He wants to avoid his brother now since observing Gunther, huddled with their father, and discussing matters in low tones. The conversation hastily ended upon his arrival. Comely suspects it has to do with the line of succession, a subject he doesn't want to discuss at this time. Greta is shaking her head "no". Gunther, is insistent and whispers strong words in her ear. The two walk over, Gunther smiling broadly.

"COMELY" ( He draws the syllables out and pronounces it "Cumm-Lee."). His words are loud and the other courtiers, lords and ladies step back trying to appear unobtrusive. Prince Comely hates it when his brother takes this tone. He finds it demeaning to be so addressed in front of others.

GUNTHER: "Please entertain Greta while I have a word with my Aid de Camp."

Comely is torn between the opportunity to be with his unrequited love and the panic of trying to decide what to say. His heart beats and when he tries to speak nothing comes out. He stands fidgeting, in a panic attack, at a complete loss for words. Greta waits for him to say something while staring about, pretending not to notice. She appears oblivious to his acute state of discomfort. There's a long pause and those, hoping to hear some tidbit of gossip, shift nervously, and fade into the background.

GRETA: "Gunther tells me the King has given you an important mission." She is wearing a blouse that reveals endowments that are the talk of the court. She notices Comely staring.

COMELY: " Ya..Yess, The King has, given me an opportunity, one I've long been waiting for.

Greta, steps closer and Comely feels her knee touch the most sensitive of parts. He STARTS, struggling to keep what little composure he has. She draws closer and whispers. "Its going to be lonely with Gunther off to war." She inhales allowing the fabric's seam to open further. "Are they pleasing?"

COMELY: "Ahhhhh yes, pleasing indeed, His voice squeaks, "Waa, what I mean is you're quite lovely today."

GRETA: "Well, today I'm busy with the farewells, but tomorrow perhaps..." She rises on her tiptoes and whispers in his ear, "You show me and I'll show you."

Comely is flabbergasted..., his jaw drops open... he begins to stammer, Suddenly Gunther's hand grips his shoulder.

GUNTHER: "Cumm-Ley, you look flushed, do you have a fever?"

Prince Comely looks back and Greta has disappeared. He breathes a sigh of relief. Gunther directs his brother over to a stone portico.

GUNTHER: "Quite beautiful, wouldn't you say....?"

COMELY: Indeed! You're fortunate to have her affections."

GUNTHER: I spoke with Father regarding the quest he's planned for you. I never know quite how to take the old Fox."

COMELY: I know the feeling... I have to wonder if this might be an intrigue to get me out of the picture, permanently.

GUNTHER: I don't think he intends such malice. He loves us both in ways he doesn't always express. However, when it comes to which of us will be his successor, he'll choose the son he deems can best lead the kingdom.

COMELY: ...Do you feel up for the job?

GUNTHER: Honestly I don't. That's what worries me... Waking up some morning to discover I'm King, is a scenario I want no part of it. I know myself and it's not false modesty that makes me shrink from the crown.

COMELY: You want ME to be King?

GUNTHER: More than you could ever know. I love you brother and I fear the dangers of the mission that lay before you.

COMELY: You think me unsuited to the task?

GUNTHER: No, you're suited enough... but the enormity of the undertaking is disconcerting. While Father would pray for your success, the chances you'll return are not good. For the right reasons, I pray for your success and for the wrong, fear the consequences. Please don't die on me, Comely. You've a bright future and I've the makings of a very bad King."

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