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I've decided to make a Subnautica-style article about my fantasy dragon species.

* Fully grown adult males can reach up to eighteen meters (or sixty feet) in length, from snout to tail, while females can be as large as fifteen meters (or fifty feet).

* Smooth golden scales are layered three times over the soft, delicate skin, offering protection from other dragon's fire and human weaponry.


* The Seraphim can survive in any climate, but they prefer the warmth of volcanic mountain ranges and will even bathe themselves in pools of lava to clean themselves.

* These dragons do not mate for life. If one should happen to meet a stronger, faster partner, the previous will be left to themselves in search of a new mate.


* A female Seraphim gestation period is 12 months. During this time she will build a nest of lava rocks around the base of the mountain, and the shimmering golden eggs will hatch roughly four weeks later.


* Newborn males measure approximately 30cm (or one foot) long, while females are 20cm (or eight inches). The mother will feed them small fish and birds until they are big enough to fly and hunt for themselves, at which point they will leave to create families of their own.


Seraphim are not aggressive by nature, but if they perceive a threat to themselves or their offspring, they will fight until the threat is no more.
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