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This story isn’t for the people who cant read, mostly because you can’t read.
          Once there was a secret organization that is now, no more.
Once that ended a new THING began... But what? How? Why? I can answer all these answers indirectly like a good author so that's what I shall do.

         There once was a man we shall call Core. He’s currently getting ready for what may be his last breathing moments. Now before you ask,” what's his last name?” I will now say he has no last name. In his birthplace, there is no need for last names! Nobody knows where he came from anyways he does have a tail though. Core grabs a book about a secret organization that ended a few decades back and he steps outside into the rain. The town is called Coastal Coast. It's not creative at all but who's to say what's not creative and what is? (Me). This devilishly handsome man then makes his way to what is called ”The Hubb.”

This is the end of the prologue
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