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In the world we live, there exists supernatural phenomena which is very hard to explain in scientific terms. With this book I have tried to give the scientific perspective of black magic and supernatural phenomena. If we have an open mind we can understand that dark energy works as any other energy and all entities in the universe are connected. The story holds many lines that explains all the supernatural phenomena in a simple and clear way which will help everyone understand how dark energy works.
Before you start reading this book keep an open mind and place yourself at the receiving end of the information.

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An uninvited guest

It was a chilly morning, we were in warm clothes and ready for the long day ahead of us. I was helping my grandmother arrange stuff in her closet, where most the things belonged to my grandfather whom we lost few days back in an unfortunate event. My grandmother was slowly recovering from that and I was happy to be with here to arrange all that was dear to her. I kept talking to her about things not at all related to the present condition, but about some happy memories that did not involve my grandfather, so to keep her mind occupied.
As we were about to finish arranging stuff, A familiar footsteps walked towards the front door from the gate. A small but rare smile grew on the lips of my grandmother, who used to stay depressed and sad in recent times, with some good anticipation. My grandfather who was short and agile walked in. "It was a wonderful trip. I think I got enlightened." he said as he walked in swiftly.
For a moment I was unable to comprehend what just happened, and looked at my grandmother with quizzical eyes. She seemed to be very happy, that made me more confused as she knows he died of a heart attack on that trip. My grandmother looked at me with a smile. She was full of gratitude. her voice grew heavy and eyes got moist as she said, "I told you that he would be back," and walked out to meet him before I could say a word.
All this happened in front of me and I had no clue what was going on. My grandfather was home but I knew that it was an illusion, but why, for what and how?
"Was the information about his death wrong? was there a man who looked exactly like my grandfather? Am I dreaming and my grandmother was able to see it too?" I kept asking and confusing myself.
My grandmother was happily talking to my grandfather as they had met after three months, but the strange thing was the way my grandfather was saying about what happened on that trip. He would never say anything about his trips unless asked. He was looking around the home, the wallpapers, furniture and the walls. Why would he look at all the stuff in his own home, as if he was seeing it for the first time?
My mother walked to me, she was confused and scared, "What's happening ?" she badly needed answers. I remained silent for a moment, to figure out what to say, "It's not real, It's an illusion.", was all that I had as an answer.
Recently in my town, there have been incidents and rumours about people gone missing and people acting in unusual ways. All these things add up to a horrifying revelation, dark magic. My cousin, who specialises in paranormal activity, helped me understand a few things about the clan of dark masters. The dark master clan is known for achieving immortality through dark powers, for which they must absorb life force of healthy humans. This clan performs a special ritual once a few hundred years when all planets align in some pattern only known to them, which generates a magnetic force that stays active for a few years. In this time they must absorb enough life force to keep them alive till next alignment. So to do that, dark master would create illusions to distract people, cast the spell on the house and absorb life force of everyone who lives there.
I requested my mother to act normal, and play along. We both knew everyone in the house are in trouble, But there was no way to explain all this to my grandmother. I took a thread from the worship desk, which was part of daily worship, in our home and tied it to my mother's wrist and told her that this thread has been subjected to positive vibrations every day. This will keep all negative energies away from you, don't remove it until told to.

Unexpected turn of events

It was already late for breakfast, so my mother prepared the brunch for all of us. Her nerves hands were busy decorating dining table with food. Oblivious to everyone else she was creating patterns with sand crystals, as sand can absorb the dark energy, below the plate. That amount of sand will not be able to contain all the dark energy cast on the house but it can help. My mother called my grandmother with a shaky voice to have brunch. We were about to start, when an unexpected thing happened.
Someone rang the bell, it was my sister. There was nothing unusual except she was staying in her college hostel about 250km away from home, today was not a holiday, she would never skip a class, we would know about her arrival in advance and she would be carrying some luggage. But she was here with bare hands and we had no clue about her arrival in the middle of the day. This was unexpected and frightening as we knew everyone in this house was in danger and we wanted her to stay away from all this.
"Why was she here? Who called her? Was it part of dark masters intention? Was there any dark power or spell controlling her?" My brain was cluttered with all the negative thoughts.
"Is my dad coming back too?"I wondered. He was half a world away for some work. I hoped that he won't come today.
She walked in, hugged my grandparents and pulled a chair next to me and settled down for brunch. I thought that she was also an illusion and was searching for signs which would prove that, but was stunned after discovering she was not an illusion.
There is a branch of dark magic and spells, Dushprap(duSprApa), that states of ways to control anything, it may be dead or alive, living or non-living. When a human body is subjected to the spell, the area surrounding eyes gets a slight green tint as the sequence of vocal vibrations and earth's magnetic field act on the brain, straining the head and the eyes. This was the worst that can happen to anyone. The Dark Master has complete control of my sister and there is no easy way to free her. I had no idea how to tell this to my mother. I knew that things are way out of control and there is nothing I could do. I was crying out for help.
Cry for help

There are very few people in the world who know about dark entities. One of them is my cousin, a knowledgeable person. He works for paranormal branch of British at London. He has worked on many paranormal cases. His experience and knowledge will be very valuable. Today has been the day of bad luck so far, but not for this instance. He was back in town for vacation and living in his home a few yards away.
"I must call him now. No. Wait.... No one must know"
I went into my room, closed the door, crawled behind my bed and called my brother after being sure of no one would catch my words.
"Hey when are you coming to my home?" he asked and brought a smile on my stressed out face.
"Please come here, only you can save us." I stammered.
"What happened? are you alright?" Asked the worried voice.
As I explained to him what had happened, he understood everything and said he would come to my home. He instructed me on how to react to the people who were infected and things I need to do in secrecy so to avoid triggering panic.
He knew what had to be done. But he must witness all this by himself to decide on what was the best way out of this grief.
I knew that he would need some time to gather his equipments, so until he comes I must act as he instructed me.
The illusion was so obvious for me, as I knew everything about the unnatural entities. My cousin had trained me well, but my grandmother was too happy and wanted to believe the illusion. So I too acted along. I sat with my grandparents and acted as nothing was unusual.Â
My mother was too scared of what was going on and had locked herself in a room. I had no idea what was going on in her mind, that worried me.
My poor sister was in complete control of dark master, he was watching us all through her eyes. So I was extra cautious around her.Â
It's 15 minutes since we had the call. He is still not here. Every minute that passed made me nervous. I expected him to get here sooner as he stays just a few blocks away.
I got busy making tea for my grandmother and thinking of my next act to keep everyone occupied.
The rumbling of gate never sounded this sweet. I quickly peeked through the kitchen window to see who opened the gates. I thanked god to have spotted at the gate with a backpack and a small box in his hand, walking towards the front door. He went to meet my grandfather, he touched his feet and took his blessings. Gave him the box he was carrying, "I knew you were back, he told me", he said pointing his finger at me. "I have prepared your favourite snack, why don't you eat it now?" and he walked to me.
We both went to the backyard and I explained to him what had happened, chronologically.

He looked at me and started explaining as tears started rushing out of his eyes, "this happens all around the world. So far I have met five families who were affected by this in England alone. We have nothing to counter this. This event is so rare that the one who witness this will not be around the next time. No one lives for hundreds of years except dark masters. "
"They kill everyone in the house. They don't even spare kids", he added after a pause.
He took out a pouch from his pocket which contained many cooper foils." Think of the spell as an emitter that constantly emits certain data at a certain frequency which gets channelled to brain directly, which kills it slowly. So to counter the spell we need something that can act like a jammer. I have devised a pattern that causes the copper foil vibrate at a certain frequency that will counter the spell", he explained.
We were deep in our discussion but I couldn't help but notice something unusual at the corner, maybe that's a hand. But who would hide from us?
"Oh crap, she heard us", I said as I knew that was my sister eavesdropping on us. As she knew she was spotted, she stepped out of hiding and walked to us.
"I have sacrificed so much and waited for so long." She yelled. But it was not her voice. It was a man's voice. It was ghostly and spooky. As she spoke a strange pain evolved in my chest and was growing with every word she spoke. I felt as if someone was pulling my heart out of my chest.
 "The world belongs to superior beings. We own this world and you pathetic bugs must be grateful that we allow you to live here and breed. We have grown stronger and mastered the dark way for energy, nothing is stronger than us. Surrender your soul and I will make it less painful." She continued. The pain was growing and I wanted to scream at the top of my voice, but I couldn't. I was unable to move a muscle. I was paralyzed.
"Now I own every soul in this house", frustration was growing on her face as she spoke. She looked at my cousin, "You won't be of any help, you can't save them," she said and ran into home.
"But why she didn't kill me? May be my cousin had something to do with it." I thought as I was about to collapse.
My cousin held me as I was about to crash on the ground. I had no control over my body. I could hardly blink. My neck and arms were just hanging on to my shoulder. But I noticed my cousin had no signs of worries, as if he knew it was going to happen.
"You lay down and take deep breaths, you will be all right. Meanwhile I will see where your sister went."He said and went into home to check what was happening there. He came back within a minute and said to me that my sister had locked herself in a room. We both knew that it was going to be hard for us to figure out a workaround.
He took out a few copper foils and scribbled strange patterns. I was still laying down but was gaining control of my body. I could see that every foil had a different pattern drawn over it by punching a small stiles on to it repeatedly.
He started explaining, "Each foil holds a pattern. As this pattern was punched into it, the foil is vibrating and the pattern on it will make it vibrate in a particular way by which it will vibrate at the desired frequency. So each foil has a special frequency. Once all these frequencies combine and start resonating around home, I am sure that it will break the spell. Now we must place them in four direction and one in the middle. The dark master will not be able to touch it. This is too much of positive vibrations for him to digest. watch my back while I place them."          
The Broken Spell

I was still struggling to get hold over my body. I somehow managed to get on my feet with the aid of my cousin. We both walked into the home, I asked, "In which room did my sister lock herself?". "The one which I have locked from outside." He said pointing his finger at the locked door.
He placed all the foils at different corners and one at the centre. We told my mother to stay inside the room for a few more minutes and went to the backyard.
My cousin explained that in about thirty minutes things will go from bad to worse. The dark master will know about our pattern-lock and he will do whatever he can to stop us, including using my sister against us.
We both waited in the backyard for something to happen. The clock was running very slow. Nothing was happening. "Did his pattern work? was it done correctly? how can he be so calm?", So many questions were jumping up and down in my head. But I had no answers. All I can do is wait.
I heard a loud scream. It was from inside my home. A wicked roar of anger. It was a horrifying noise, scream like no other felt by me so far, a scream that shook me to the bottom of my heart. My cousin rushed into the home. I too followed him as I had no idea what else to do. My mother was about to open the door that was locked by my cousin.
"No, don't", he shouted, stopping my mother from opening the door.
My grandmother cried out my name. I went to her running. "Look, what is happening to your grandfather. What's happening to him?" Her eyes filled with tears and with the realization, that the moment of truth was near. She held me trying to stop herself from looking at blurred illusion of my grandfather.
In the other room my sister continued screaming. I told my grandmother that everything will be alright. But the emotional outburst of losing grandfather and the condition of my sister were hard to endure. She was unable to control her tears, I was out of words. My cousin was explaining everything to my mother. It was hard for her to understand all this. It was her daughter who was infected and there was no easy way of getting her back.
My cousin tied a copper foil to my grandmothers hand and said, "That was just an illusion, forget everything about it." as he gently wiped the tears from her eyes. My grandmother shook her head in acceptance. We all could feel that the spell had been broken.
But my sister kept screaming. The dark master knew that his spell was broken and there was nothing that he could do to recast it. My cousin explained that she was not our sister, it was the dark master. We must fight her to get her back. But she was the one who would fight for her soul. He said, "I will open the door, we must hold her tight until I tie the knots to all her fingers. Once I tie knots on all fingers, The dark master must escape the body to stay alive. So we must make sure that her body stays alive for her soul to reoccupy."
As my cousin opened the door, my sister came out running and attacked my mother with the study lamp. A strong blow to my mother's head, she instantly started to bleed. But she got a hold of herself and got up on her feet. My cousin held my sisters arms, I held both the legs as she tried her best to free herself. My mother and my grandmother now held the hands of my sister as my cousin tied knots to all the fingers and toes, which would act as a repellent to dark and negative energies. Her body was now motionless.
"Is she free? Is she back? Did we do it? or Was she dead?", again my head was full of questions and no answers.
I felt a small movement in her eyes. It was like a breath of fresh air for a suffocating person. I was happy that my family was safe. My sister was gaining consciousness and my mother was praying for her as was my grandmother. Things were returning to normal. My brother was still at work, Placing a small speaker like gadget in the hall that started emitting a strange sound and hanging bells in all rooms. I handed the water to my sister as she was struggling to get hold of herself. My mother and grandmother helped her and walked her to the bed.
My cousin came to us and said that everything is under control and things will be normal. It was a big relief for us as the day was anything but normal. I said to my cousin, "Everything worked out exactly as we wanted. Thank you. '' All of a sudden he walked out of the room in panic.
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