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A young couple finds themselves stuck in a sticky situation and struggle to get free.
Twenty-seven year old Simon Thompson was fixing a wooden chest when he accidentally squeezed the glue to hard,causing it to go flying everywhere.

The young man placed his hands down the table to think how to clean up the mess but when he tried to pull them off again,he was shocked to discover that he couldn't.

Simon pulled and pulled with all his might but still his hands just wouldn't budge as he called his wife, "Sharon,please come in here,I'm stuck."

The extremely confused and curvaceous young blond burst into laughter when she saw her husband's situation before grabbing onto his waist and pulled and pulled with all her might but still the young man's hands remained stuck.

She then tried to move away but realised that her hands were stuck to his waist while the front of her short red dress was stuck to the back of his jeans.

"I'm sorry honey,what a sticky situation," said Sharon.
"It's fine darling,this is why I need to use less glue next time," said the young man as the two then began laughing at the ridiculousness of their current predicament.

Sharon's best friend Laura arrived for a visit and burst into laughter when she saw the rather awkward looking position as the two said at the exact same time, "This isn't what it looks like."

"Ok,I believe you,what do you want me to grab onto," said the young brunette.

After explaining the situation,the young blond suggested, "Pull the seat of my dress but please be careful,I just bought it last week."

Laura promised to be careful as she then grabbed onto the seat of her best friend's dress and pulled and pulled with all her strength as Sinead did slightly begin to come free.

The young brunette then suddenly lost her grip and tumbled onto the carpet as a RIP sound was heard.

Laura got back to her feet and apologised before bursting into laughter when she saw her best friend's bubble butt was now exposed and was barely covered by light blue panties with tiny teddy bears on them.

"Well,that's three hundred dollars down the drain," said the young blond before asking her best friend to try pulling on her.

The young brunette then grabbed onto her best friend's waist and pulled and pulled with all her strength for several minutes without any success until she realised that her hands were now stuck too.

"I can't believe I've ended up stuck to a table with my wife stuck to me and her best friend stuck to her," said Simon.

"On the bright side,we can finally spent sometime together," said Laura while laughing awkwardly.

Twenty minutes later,the young man's best friend Craig and his wife Sinead arrived and were at first shocked then burst into laughter when they saw the increasingly ridiculous situation.

After the situation was explained to them,Sinead suggested, "How about you wash Simon's hands with soap and water while I pull Laura's legs."

Everyone agreed to the idea and Craig soon began washing while Sinead pulled the young brunette's legs with all her strength until finally,a POP sound was heard as Laura's hands were pulled off her best friend's waist,sending the two tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet.

Simon's hands soon came free thanks to the washing as the trio then tried to decide how to free the still stuck couple.

Craig then had an idea and grabbed onto Simon's hands and said, "Honey,you grab Sharon's legs and Laura,you grabbed onto her waist.

The two women did as they were told as Craig said," All,you two,heave," as the three began pulling on poor Simon and Sharon,who both said, "OW,this really hurts,"

Finally,a POP then another RIP sound was heard as the couple was finally pulled apart,sending Simon tumbling forwards onto his best friend while the young blond tumbled backwards onto Sinead and Laura.

"Thank goodness for that," said Sharon as she hugged her two rescuers then burst into laughter when she saw the back of her husband's jeans had been ripped and were still attached to her dress,leaving his blue boxers covered bubble butt now exposed for all the world to see.

Simon thanked Criag for his hips and noticed that his underwear was now showing.

Everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as Simon and Sharon went to have a shower and change their ruined clothes while Criag, Sinead and Laura cleaned up the glue and even finished fixing the wooden chest before everyone sat down to relax and have something to eat together after all their efforts.

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