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by Matt
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If you read my other poems you’ll know why I capitalize WORLD.
I’m proud of myself, and what I have become.
I’m only 14 yet I have already planned out my life following a passion.
I’m currently on an $18,725 scholarship for my talent.
I consider myself a professional musician even though I don’t have a job as one. I practice almost everyday for more than an hour.

My first year auditioning for Maryland Junior All-State was a success. I made it.
I received recognition from classmates and teachers.
I want to be a musician. It’s different from other dreams because I can almost touch the cloud it lies upon.

If you know who I am, please, keep this website confidential from anyone I know. This is a place where I can be me.

My grandfather was part of the American Mafia at one point. It was quite accurate to the movie “Good Fellas”. What a great movie. He didn’t do much. He was working. Building things for people. It was an honest living. I don’t want a big house because the bigger things get, the more empty it is on the inside.
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