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After two years of marriage I thought everything was great. We both had careers that we enjoyed. He had his computers and I had my horses. 60 race horses in fact. Being the assistant trainer, it required me to be on call at all hours of the day. I loved the work and I loved the people I worked with. The hours we put in together made us very close. Too close, in fact. He began to feel left out of my happiness. As much as I tried, he just didn't fit in. We began to grow apart. One night I came home and, once again, he was angry. He wanted me to explain myself, where I had been, and what I was doing.

“what do you talk about all day?” He yelled. “I want to know. What makes you so happy at work?”

“I am in charge of 60 talented race horses, I get to ride all day with other people who love to do the same."

“Well, what do you talk about all day? Your together so long what do you even have to talk about?”

“It doesn't matter.”

“No." He countered. "I want to know!”

“No, you don't”

“Tell me.”

“Well, horses mostly, and sex. Yea, we all joke around about sleeping with each other.”

“Seriously!" He exclaimed. "I cant deal with that. You have to quit or I'm done. Its over.”

"OK." I answered quietly


"That's it? Your not going to think about it?" He screamed.

"No, it's OK."

"You don't mean that."

"Yes. Actually, I do. I will not give up what I love for you. If that's an ultimatum then its over for me too. Its really not a difficult decision." I said, and I certainly felt better after.

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