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Scientific Name: The nunnia spiriosa, a succulent plant for my fantasy world.
Scientific Name: nunnia spiriosa

Variants: nunnia spiriosa albino (results in white veins/flowers)

Type: Succulent

Body: A large, horn-shaped cone with thin black or white veins.

Colors: Red, pink, blue. Some crossbred plants can have both black and white veins.

Flowers: A long stalk sprouts from inside the base of the plant and curves up out of the horn, producing five long, pink or red (or white, if albino variant) flowers at the top.

Lighting Requirements: Does best in direct sunlight, where the plant's colors become vivid and the veins become more pronounced. Also does well in medium light, but colors will be more faded as a result.

Watering: Wait until the soil dries completely, then funnel water down the inner body of the horn until the soil around it is soaked and dripping.

Toxicity: None

Edibility: Perfectly safe for human consumption. Grind up the dried flowers to create spices and flavor foods. The husk of the horn can also be broken in order to drink the water.
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