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To be able to address differences of validation and acceptance and to gain support.
Importance of Validation and Acceptance

Let's face it. Life isn't fair. It is not meant to be like that. It is never happy moments all the time. It is not lived happily ever after everyday. If someone has to say it, not everyone in your class, work, or everywhere you go will validate, compromise, and care for you. People will just come and go. And so, with that said, how can one choose who to bring with him or her and be part of his or her story?

All that has to start is the mindset of a person. What should I do in this situation? Who should I talk to? Where should I go from here? All of these questions begin in our minds and this is where it takes us to process our discerning, our way to think. Critically, we try to think well than the other person. We condemn others through a certain method that others may think is wrong, and so, enters pride.

A victim of bullying, a person who seeks for purpose, someone going of the wrong path, these people we start belittling, faulting, never to accept that they are just like us, human beings who yearn for something deeper. This is where validation must be utilized. Validation is the key to confirm that a person's experience is true and logical. It is justifiable knowing that it can help the other understand the victim's sentiments, worries, and problems. This can help people share their experiences together and form a community that would aid in situational imbalances such as job hunting, cut-off relationships from family and friends, toxic bullying, and other means. With this unity, everybody can become closer and establish a bond that can go longer than one can fathom. That could become the need that everyone sought for.

On another part, acceptance is undertaking a person's opinion, side, or point of view and growing to understand and agree with him or her. With that said, you are not only considering the person's right of free speech, but you are also humbling yourself to consent with the other's suggestion, opinion, or whatever the case that person is fighting for. In this case, a few would rather concur or learn to tolerate and yield to acceptance. This is the lacking attitude and solution that people would partake in. A few would only approach the individual and be that supportive. That is why several do not have anybody to turn to. Only person they think they can see is themselves and not anybody for a proper assistance.

In my case, I would want to just forgive but never forget. To all the people that did me wrong, I forgive them. However, I have also chosen to stay away. Anything can happen. They can choose to commit the same mistake and the process becomes a cycle. They don't uphold to their mistakes and they redo what they have done towards me in the past. That is why it is best to stay away from these types of people. The least you can do is to pray for them. Pray for what they are doing and pray they can repent. I am just thankful that I am away right now from these people. With the advent of social media, I can just choose to not bother with them and to focus on the ones that would be that support system to me. That suffices, nothing more. And so, I am sharing this essay to all those affected by bullying and abuse.

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