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Blacks in America must be tough to survive!
Caring for and saving Black lives seems to be such an imposition on American culture, government, and idealogy.

They say when "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." I want to believe that. I want to believe that every time it got tough for Blacks in America, the "tough" Black got going. When they kill our children, the "tough" Black people keep going. Now, when they hunt us down and kill us like animals (the big cats in the jungles or the elephants) are we as Black people suppose to be tough and keep on going?

They hoot and kill while wearing a hoodie, and we are told about "stand your grounds." AND, tough Black people kept on going talking about "Black Lives Matter!" Only to be met with a truism, "all lives matter."

When they (Whites) lynched Balck fathers in front of their families, tough Black mothers, sons, daughters, aunt, uncles, sisters, and brothers kept on going.

When Black males started being profiled and most everyone knew that they were the most endangered species on earth, the tough Black people just kept on going.

Drugs invaded out neighborhoods, homes, streets, parks, and churches, killing our children, parents, and everyone else in sight, tough Black families just kept on going.

When drive-by shooting with stray bullets killing innocent bystanders of all ages, tough Black people begged for relief and then kept on going with no relief in sight.

Then comes COVID-19 killing Blacks at an alarming and disproportionate rate, and tough Black people are laying there lives on the line as they keep on going.

What is the price for Black lives in America? How tough are Blacks supposed to be in the land they call home?

Those tough Black people have fought in every war that has ever been fought to save this Country called America, but still not embraced as Americans.

They call this land America, the melting pot, and it does melt or allow melting if the eyes or blue, the hair straight, and the skin is light. But not so much if the eyes are brown, the hair nappy, and the skin is brown or black.

Who cares for or saves those tough Black lives in America?
The American culture, government, or their ideology that they wear with pride as they continue denying basic human rights at home while sending those tough Black Americans to fight those basic rights for other countries and other people.

I do sincerely wish each of you peace and blessings as always, and when I ask you to please be safe, Black men regardless of the status you have achieved, remember, you still live in America!

Question of the day? How do you explain the killing of an unarmed Black man by two White men armed and loaded for bear?

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