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A child Hero saves his village from total devastation.
*SwordR*The Sword of Arrine*SwordL*


Under the mist of cloud giant Wyvern soar,
the coming storm would be a killing floor.
Moved forward into dark that beast would soar.
Below left huts in village shaking door.

With absent light its spoken kiss would share.
Then serpent pulled out claws wait to ensnare.
Burning breath in kingdom unaware.
It’s barking elements, bellowing flare.

The smothering fire ignites air they need.
The creature brings on a frenzy to feed.
Now everywhere burnt trampled bodies bleed.
Huge snapping jaws let human souls be freed.

Yet; came our Hero savior, just a child.
With sword his father gave him in the wild.
The Wyvern looked upon him with a smile,
and chasing him left buildings in a pile.

It’s silent under wood and breaking board.
The creature stopped to listened for reward.
The boy pulled out his mystic magic sword,
light glistened from the gems it had adorned.

It startled the serpent but not ended fight,
and flames poured fourth from its mouth in the night.
huge scaly monster had returned with bite.
The boy held up sword with all of his might.
The serpent scooped him up and out of sight.

Then boy shoved in his sword up out of sight,
the Wyvern fought pain with all its might.
yet; fell to ground, released boy with bite.
Survivors honored that boy in the night,
with tales of Arrine, how sword ended fight.


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syllable count - 10
31 lines
237 words

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