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Rated: E · Poetry · Philosophy · #2221519
Life is aimless drift in the ocean of time like a dry leaf drifting aimless along river.


Who are you? Why are you? What are you?

You are here a cog in the machine almighty plays with

You are here to drift in the stream called Time

You are leaf that fell in the running stream

A leaf ordered to drift by the flow of the stream,

To drift until it meets the Ocean, the infinite.

Just that, nothing else,

Do you think you are great as King or Queen?

Do you think you are great to conquer the globe?

A dreamer to conquer the cosmos?

Dream or desire are planted in you by His game

Are nothing but the Chess He plays;

Pull of strings on you puppets, by the Almighty

To prompt your move next

Into the groove He dug to test depth of conviction

To test your awareness

That you are nothing but a cog in the wheel He rolls.

Think, you are no great in His kingdom,

Like millions that drift unawares!

Are only a drifting leaf along the stream,

It's not to discourage nor to frighten you,

Looking at your past, can you say

You did exactly what you set out with?,

Most often NOT, not exactly but to some extent,

The extent you deserved, judged by Him,

It's the truth, as true as Sun and Moon,

May whatever it be, you're destined to drift along,

That's His order, the command to follow,

You are not the choosewhen to do what and how

You are only His puppet to get pulled and drift along

For Life is but the Mighty Drift

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2221519-LIFE-THE-MIGHTY-DRIFT