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Introduction to the journey of endless misery, to find strength to remember who they were.
I slept what must felt like an eternity. My bones poping from sound slumber, or its more of a creaking sound. Everything is dark, a certain lack of eyes and ears will do that to you. Even so I have ectolocation, I see through vibration. I have no recollection of my past expect black sludge. To most creatures I am a destoyer of worlds, a devourer of innocents, and a constant reminder of death. I am Darkbiotykemon a slime shade eons from the dark ocean, and even farther from the digital world. My people are parasites from all data without form in constant undeath. However we sometimes get called to sort deceased digimon if they are worthy to be reborn. Those that fail are consumed by my people, to become slime shades. The events I will discuss are from my host, Josh Ryder wielder of the blade of evil. A person that I will never let go. I need him to live amongst the real world, completely different from were I am from. I can speak to you in this body, which my host has gracously accepted. Normally I wouldn't be able to speak for I am essentially a mass of ichor and have no mouth to scream from.
Endless misery is what I am, from cracking to terrible screeching. However, besides being bonded to my master I have a recurring memory flash of a single memory. Over and over again one single memory reminds that I have a past life
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