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Welcome to an endless nightmare..
         Jolted from yet another daunting nightmare, my bloodshot eyes sprang open to find my body producing and brewing in a pool of sweat. Skyrocketing pulse, my shaky fingers brushed the lower portion of my ratty, drenched night shirt. Sniffing the air while gasping through my nose, I scanned for the slightest hint of urine. Detecting none, my hand went for a nearby towel to wipe myself down.

         Flashes of the nightmare passed through my mind. Every night it was almost identical. Some details were different, but the overall motif was always the same. The demon’s skin was always red, but his eyes changed color. Sometimes they were blue, or black, or nothing but hollow sockets embedded in his slimy face.

         Often, he’s chasing me through the desert, or through a tunnel, or just down a never-ending darkened street with no houses or other signs of the existence of humanity.

         Gazing down at the digital alarm clock on the floor next to me; it read 3:30am. That means I’d only slept about an hour, which also explained why I was still tired.

         My heart rate had finally begun to normalize, when in my peripheral vision, I caught a glimpse of something moving in the corner.

         Blood pulsating rapidly once again, my eyes locked onto that part of the room. I could feel my pupils dilate and sweat began to ooze from my pores, once more.

         A deep growl came from the corner and I followed my instinct to back away, scooting little by little across the floor. The pool of sweat beneath me allowed for me to practically glide.

         Snarling grew denser in my ear and it seemed as if my nightmare was coming to life. I was almost certain of it! I hadn’t even realized how far back I had scooted until it was standing next to my digital clock.

         Faint luminescence radiated the darkness to reveal a hovering shadow whose skin now glowed a deep crimson red. Long, black insect-like arms hung down to the ground, graced by claws for hands that were gaping mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. Elongated, yellow horns jutted from its elbows and shoulders. The top of its skull was also brimming with dirty horns atop a slimy head with tentacles for a mouth. Hollow eyes stared in my direction, protruding from its chest was a gaping vertical mouth full of the same jagged teeth, forming a face since it had two more yellow eyes for nipples.

Clambering to my bare feet, I felt the wall behind me and turned to run down the hall; weak light shone at the end.

I ran some distance, constantly looking behind me. Why was this hallway so long?

Reaching the doorway, I saw the solution on the table and prepared to inject it into my arm.

It was the only way to subdue this monster.

Jamming the needle into my vein, the air became momentarily sweet, and suddenly I was jolted from yet another nightmare.

Word Count: 496
Written for 5/9/2020: "SCREAMS!!!
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