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A short story about the depth of our sin
“Oh man, I need a decent night's sleep or I’m gonna go crazy!” Jason complained to his friend Maggie while rubbing his tired eyes.
“What’s going on? Why are you not sleeping well?” Maggie wondered.
“It’s these nightmares I keep having. The last four nights they’ve pretty much been the same.”
“Tell me maybe talking about it will help.” Maggie urged.
“I’m not sure exactly where I am. It seems I’m at the bottom of the ocean. It’s freezing and dark. There seems to be water surrounding me. I’ve got heavy chains on my wrists holding me down. I don’t know why I’m there. I can’t breathe because of the pressure, but I breathe normally. It’s really weird.”
“Is that all?”
“No. This light comes towards me and with a deep voice says ‘I can save you from this death.’” Ryan shook his head to get the vision out. “I ask the voice ‘who are you?’” Each night the voice says they are something different and the things they say they are don’t even make sense. The first night the voice was, helper. The second night it was, friend. After that was Lamb of God, last night was Lion of Judah. How can this voice be a lion and a lamb?”
“What happened next?” Maggie wondered.
“I don’t know. I seem to wake up drenched in sweat heaving air into my lungs. I haven’t finished my dream. I want to get out of the watery grave but I don’t know how.”
“Accept the offer of salvation.” Maggie offered, smiling. Ryan frowned confused.
“This can’t be something like that.”
“Well, it’s your choice. You can either accept His help or you can reject it. Ryan, finish the dream.” Ryan shrugged.

Later that night, Ryan laid in his bed a falling straight to sleep. All he saw was black dark. He was alone, solitude, without anyone. He sank again the dark swallowing him. The sound of water all around him. He couldn’t breathe the pressure on his body increasing exponentially. He wondered how he could still be alive. Fear began to overtake him. He tried to move around but the chains held fast to the floor of the ocean. ‘I don’t want to die here.’ He didn’t want to be her.
A light became brighter as it grew closer to him. This light show was so bright it showed him those around him. Ryan looked around seeing others around him floating with their eyes closed and just seeming dead. In the sand and dirt, he saw skeletons and skulls partially buried around him. He tried to scream but nothing came from his mouth.
The light showed around him, warming his body.
“Who are you?” Panic began to set in.
“Why am I here?”
“This is the weight of your sin,” Jesus said waving his hands.
“Can you get me out of here?”
“Yes, take my hand. In doing so, you take my free gift.”
“Wait, free gift, the weight of sin. Is this a dream or reality?” Ryan wondered.
“It’s both.”
“How is it both?”
“The reality is you will die without knowing who I am.”
“How long do I have?”
“You are not promised tomorrow. I want you as my son. I have a plan for you.” Ryan hesitated. The crushing waster pressed in around him, his chest became tight as Ryan felt he couldn’t breathe.
“Can you take this hopelessness from me?”
“Yes, Ryan, take my hand.”
“Jesus help me.” He gulped what seemed to be his last breath, reaching out to the light before him. His hand enveloped by the light. Peace flooded his chest, suddenly he stood on the shore. Shocked he looked around at the beach and breathed deeply.
“Thank you,” Ryan whispered.
“You’re welcome.” The man beside him said.
“So now what?”
“It’s your choice. You are my child. I want you to know me.”
“How do I do that?” Ryan asked.
“You can talk to me. I wrote a book for you. I live within you. No matter what my son, I love you.”

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