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Ian lost his job as a white-collar worker at the Edward Firm. Now he has no jobs to do, no money to buy anything and he sold his house because he will starve if he didn’t have money.

So what to do? He has no family. But luckily, a few friends gave him some supplies and recommended a very cheap hotel for him.

He started with a suitcase and then he headed to the place on foot. Finally. The hotel’s name was Hilliard, and it has some very cheap and clean rooms.

He felt that he was so lucky!

But a few months later, his money was gone again. Ian took his stuff and walked into the gray world again.

The hotel manager saw him as he left. He definitely saw Ian’s responsibility. ‘Would you like to work in this hotel?’

Ian was shocked and bowed three times. The manager gave him a worker ID.

‘Okay, you can start as the bellboy now.’, said the manager, ‘I am Max Lee, nick to meet you, email me at any time, my email address is ragnarok244@zohomail.com.’

‘Bellboy?!’ Ian shouted.

‘Yes, start small is okay.’, said Mr. Lee


‘The salary is good and we’ll give you a room there, just go to the staff floor and you’ll be all set.’

Ian can do nothing but to start, by getting loads of bags and suitcases to the guest rooms, fast and good, floor by floor. Even though he was a Mr. 101, but his salary was as high as the other bellboys. He was happy, Mr. Lee was happy and the guests were happy, yet that is the golden target from everyone.

However, one day, Mr. Lee said, ‘You are not going to be the bellboy there anymore.’

Ian was shocked, of course, he knew that he will be fired someday.

Mr. Lee suddenly told him, ‘Can you cook?’

Ian said, ‘Sure, my last name is Cook.’

‘Great, Mr. Cook, you’ll be the chef on the dining floor.’, said Mr. Lee, ‘You can start at six in the morning.’

‘Six a.m.?’asked Ian.

‘With extra things for you.’, added Mr. Lee, ‘You need to work hard to earn a profit.’

‘THANK YOU!!’, yelled Ian.

And Ian was about to jump to the roof of the 15-floor-high Hilliard Hotel!

It’s been months since Ian got the job at the hotel. He was the clerk already. Very friendly to the guests, fast and focus on work, and take this position 24/7. He earned enough money and he bought an apartment again. His salary was even higher when he was in the Edward Firm!

Mr. Lee was a great manager, but…

Mr. Lee said, ‘Mr. Cook, the Hilliard company decided to switch me to another Hillard Hotel on the other side of the city today. You are the new manager now, I’ve sent you an email, there is a guide here. Everything you need is in my office. Just remember, no pain, no gain.’

Then he said slowly, ‘I’m leaving, bye.’

Ian froze.

‘Good luck, Ian.’
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