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Robert Falcon's contributions to American rhetoric are presented and praised.
Robert Falcon was born to an Irish-American father and Algerian-American father and studied at Dartmouth College. After graduating, Falcon was recruited by the NSA for his excellent mathematics skills and code-breaking ability. He was trained to become an intelligence officer and was sent to Afghanistan after 9/11 to disrupt terrorist communications cells using programmed hacker viruses he learned to engineer while working with a topology-programmer and frames-weaver at M.I.T. while at Dartmouth. Falcon gained many laurels and credits while working as a real-life James Bond in the Middle East after 9/11.

When Falcon came home to the USA and married beautiful Irish-American journalist and writer Anne Ryan, he decided to settle down in Martha's Vineyard and write political books. In his books, one of which won the Pulitzer Prize, Falcon talked about his experience as an intelligence lieutenant in the US government and what it taught him about modern democracy and strategic warfare in the new age of technology and networks. "Lieutenant Falcon" recounted his experience going undercover in Iran to infiltrate the palace of a hiding pro-terrorist and fascist Imam to steal Nazi gold stored in the eccentric Imam's palace.

Robert Falcon claimed that the unique experience working as a sleuth and a master thief in the Middle East as a real-life James Bond after 9/11gave him a special interest in living politics. When he returned to the USA a seasoned man, Falcon used his immense treasure chest of family money to begin investing in pro-Republican sympathy initiatives designed to offer agents and soldiers and representatives of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) special resources and funds to establish vital operations in the United Kingdom (UK) that would bolster the projects in Sinn Fein orchestrated by Gerry Adams.

"Lieutenant Falcon" wrote in one of his seminal and lauded post-retirement books his special love of matrix mathematics and how that love complemented his memory of systems code-breaking and silo-infiltration spiderwebs in the Middle East after 9/11. Robert Falcon wrote that the memory contributed to his Americanized democratic fascination with Irish Sinn Fein cell engineering and dynamic geometry, further saying that new era Irish politics were akin to a grand pro-globalization matrix of living intelligence. According to Falcon, all these machinations and orchestration of democratic rhetoric after 9/11 reflected a superior love of human peace.

Was Falcon a man of war or simply a 'naturalized celtic' of modern pro-globalization intelligence? Was he an engineer of American rhetoric or a prophet of Earth intrigue? Whatever he was, what was certain was that American imagineers like Robert Falcon would weave a lush tapestry of calculated pro-democratic rhetoric as billboards to the 21st Century network and sub-network marketing of living and dynamic anti-leviathan liberalism which would help establish America as a totem of new era anti-terrorism values. He was therefore a great American deacon who'd be referenced in many society chats about endurance of civilization tribulations.

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