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Picture the scene:- a comfy chair, a big window, a view, bookcases bursting with our favourite possessions, a wandering mind. What thoughts cross your mind as you gaze out of your reading room window? For some, those thoughts could involve whatever can be seen from the window. Be it a countryside scene, a garden, a street or even the open sea. Your thoughts could be influenced by your reading material, a scene from the book being re-enacted in your mind as you gaze into the distance.
Do you take stock of your life as you sit there? Do you develop opinions on certain subjects? Do you come up with answers to unasked questions?
For me, nature occupies my mind as I sit and look out at my garden. The ever-changing sky, the colours and light of the advancing daytime. Different clouds, weather, birds, insects.
Sometimes I will sit and daydream, any old thought will play out in my mind like an episode of a drama programme. Old memories and emotions come flooding back as I slide further into the chair. Not all of them good or pleasant though, but sometimes replaying them means they can be processed a bit more before they're finally put away in a box and shoved to the back of a memory shelf. The daydreams might be something recent that I wanted to happen or a long lost moment of a missed opportunity.
At times, more thinking and daydreaming gets done than reading. But the comfort of the reading room allows this process to happen. It is a relaxing space, its somewhere to escape, its somewhere to get excited about. When you're surrounded by books then there is a limitless amount of destinations at your fingertips. Even if you don't get much reading done, the opportunity to mentally escape is there for the taking. Add in a view from the window and your mind is free. Select a suitable book for the time of day (or night) and the season and let your mind go. If you have a sea view then a good swashbuckling novel could stir your senses, especially if you can hear the sea as well. A stormy day would add to the occasion as the wind whips up the water and the rain lashes against the window.
To be continued.....
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