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The story of the cycle of life for a mother and daughter in a 2 page play.


A Tale of Two Women

By: Melissa Fredericks


Mother (AKA mom, mommy)

Daughter (ages, 4,8,11,15, 21,28,43,52)


Daughter (age 4): Mommy, look at me (doing a cartwheel)

Mommy: Oh, darling, you are so precious and smart. Look at that wonderful cartwheel you just did! I love you to the moon and back. You will always be my baby!

Daughter: (hugs mom)I love you too mommy!

Scene 2-

Daughter (age 8): (crying at the table) Mommy, can you help me with my homework. Its hard and I don't get it. I'm stupid.

Mommy: Oh honey, you are not stupid. Calm down, let's see your homework. Oh yes, I know how to do this. Here let me show you.

Daughter: Thank you mom. You're the best. I love you.

Mommy: I love you too, my smart girl.


Daughter (age 11): Mom, can you drive me to my friend's house?

Mom: Which friend and have you finished your chores?

Daughter: Ugh, you are so annoying. Yes, I did my chores and its Sarah, the one with the dog.

Mom: Don't get an attitude with me, I'm just doing my job of making sure you are growing up responsibly.

Daughter: Well I am, now, can I have a ride.

Mom: Yes, in ten minutes.

Daughter: Ugh, I want to go now! (stomps away)

Scene 4-

Daughter (age 15): Mother, go away. (shouting from behind a closed door)

Mother: I will not go away until you open this door. You know that you are not allowed to have boys in your room without permission.

Daughter: (screaming) I am 15! I'm not a baby, leave me alone.

Mother: Open the door now or I will get a screw driver and take it off of the hinges

Daughter: AHHH, Fine, happy now? See we are not doing anything but talking. You are so stupid, I hate you! (Mom walks away)

Scene 5-

Daughter (age 21): (on the phone) Mother, its my life, not yours.

Mother: I know that. Believe it or not, I was 21 once. I just don't want you to ruin your life by dropping out of college.

Daughter: So you don't support me? That's great, thanks a lot.

Mother: I want you to have a good life and finishing college is going to help you achieve your goals.

Daughter: Fine! (slams down the phone)

Scene 6-

Daughter (age 28): (on the phone, excited voice) Hi Mom!

Mother: Hi honey, good to hear from you!

Daughter: I have some exciting news!

Mother: Oh my God! Really! Oh I'm so happy for you and Steve! You are going to be a great mom!

Daughter: Oh, mom, I love you! I can't wait for you to meet your grandchild!

Mother: I love you too! (They hang up the phone)

Scene 7-

Daughter (age 43): (Bursts into her mom's house, crying) Oh my God, Mom, I am so sorry.

Mother: For what, what's the matter?

Daughter: Jillian is a monster child. She only cares about herself.

Mother: What happened?

Daughter: She is failing English and having sex with her boyfriend. I'm a failure as a mother.

Mother: (hugs her daughter) You are not a failure. Parenting is hard. This too shall pass.

Daughter: I'm sorry I was such a rotten teenager.

Mother: Apology accepted. (They both laugh)

Scene 8-

Daughter (age 52): (At the bedside of her ailing mother) Mom, don't leave me. With every cell in my body, I beg you, don't die.

Mother: (pulls her daughter close) You are strong and beautiful. Live your life. Don't cry for me. Live

Daughter: Mom, I love you. Goodbye mom, goodbye.

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