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In which I describe one of the powerful Entities that govern the Land of Entirety.
Station: To strengthen faith and ensure adherence to the Laws of Creation and the Word of the Creator

The mighty lioness Entity, Goldenpelt, like all Entities, has the ability to transform from an animalian form into a semi-human or fully-human figure. Normally, her pure gold eyes and her long saber teeth set her apart from other lionesses that you might see roaming the plains. In human form, she dons a simple red tunic with a leather-flapped skirt, boots, a belt with the sheaths that hold her twin knives, and sometimes a helmet. One of her legends describes her legendary helmet as having been forged by the Phoenix in the fires of the sun. It resembles the sun's rays and is always smoking and is too hot for a mortal to touch. It cannot be destroyed, and glows brightest when in the presence of goodness. The helm is said to be covered in rubies--each containing the blood of a saint, which bestows upon it its indestructibility.
Goldenpelt is the patron Entity of cats, big and small, as well as cat-like creatures such as sphinxes, tribals, manticores, chimeras, etc. Even though she is quick to anger, she has a soft spot for the elderly or those in need--that is why the main charity in the capital city Magum Dium is called "Golden Heart." More severely, the knights of her guild are referred to as the "Molten Eyes," perhaps to remind ne'er-do-wells that the Entity of Faith and Justice is always watching...
Goldenpelt is playful, wise, and renowned for her eagerness for a game and a nap. In the works of art depicting her likeness, Goldenpelt seems always to be in a location of great heat (a volcano, a desert, the sun, or the earth's molten core). On the mortal plane, she favors the dry plains or Savannah, where she prowls in the form of a large lioness on the single hottest day of the year: the summer solstice at high noon. It is rumored that one can find her realm through the Golden Gateway, near the Ring of Elements in southern Entirety, but it is not a place for mortals.
Goldenpelt can summon and manipulate fire and tends to the sun. It is said that the Creator sends her out to find His children and keep warm their faith--sometimes by finding them a best friend and companion.

The sun is compared to Goldenpelt's "ball of yarn." When days are particularly scalding, she has batted it closer to earth.
She has a son, a lynx named Moisaya, who keeps felines in order and grants nine lives to the worthy. He commands his mother's soldiers and is best friends with a clever panther named Apexis who works as his mother's scribe and keeper of her decrees.
Cats of Magum Dium ornament themselves with a plant or flower. If the sun entices it to bloom, they are considered prophets.
Suns are often depicted in a spiral in ancient art forms to represent eternity.
Warriors get suns tattooed over their hearts.
Lioness statues, or lions symbolized God Himself, flank doorways to important buildings. Lions represent faith given form.
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