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Another week at the police station. Randall Miles is figuring something important now: a murder case.

It’s not an easy case, though. But Randall is a professional. This case, as case 2024, is the 2024th case that Randall was on. Now the only evidence is the murderer’s hat, with blood of Dawson Boggs, who died at at very same day, yet the murderer disappeared in the log of the security system. And the people did see that killer killing Dawson Boggs.

The police, including Randall, the officer, take the case. Taking a look at the hat, Randall discovers something: a small piece of paper inside. What? Why is this paper here? Randall takes a close look:

What is that?

‘2048th house, 27 years old, on the 9811 street, 12.9 as his birthday.’, says Randall.

The policemen agree, and then what? How to find them? Suddenly Randall says, ‘I say that he found out that there were blood on his hat, so he leaved the hat here. After that, according to that pale janitor at Mr. Bogg’s house, the murderer was a woman with green eyes and curly brown hair - don’t know if that is true. But here’s another wound on Mr. Boggs - broken skull. It must be a huge knock on his head.’

The police nodded, and then Randall continued, ‘Since the blood cannot fly this high up to the hat, then Mr. Boggs must bonked his hat off while he was bleeding. Usually it would leave dark injurey marks on the criminal’s head. The criminal can’t go far. Must be the 2048th house in the city and it was located on the 9811 street.’

The police officers scurried into action.

Everything works right.

Case closed.

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