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A device to help memory…perhaps.
It plugs right in behind the ear;
a Memory Device Deluxe.
It does become a part of you
although you often feel the flux.

(How does it function? You may ask;
  the body is not like a Dell.
  With minor surgery to nerve--
  connection point and all is well.)

Thus you become your own flash drive
with no demand of memory.
Then when you hook it to yourself,
you keep what you hear, taste and see.

And even smells are digitized
because these times are future shock.
Lilac, the rose, some lavender;
effrontery of dirty sock.

A Memory Device Deluxe;
available in varied size.
It has a lot of megabytes
although more space won’t make you wise.

I had the need to know more things,
more trivia and dates of birth.
I grabbed a two-pack at Walmart
with hopes to get my money’s worth.

I filled it up from Internet,
with stuff from my own data saved.
I plugged it in and hit, Download—
I gave it what my noggin craved.

There was a flood of this and that,
like rivers raging in discord.
So much there came an overload
that shorted out my motherboard.

Songs blogs and books and even dreams;
the youthful times for salad‘s sake.
And though Device Deluxe gave rush,
my poor old head began to ache.

So off to Best Buy I did go
for a product that was better.
I think it was last September…
I just wish I could remember.

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Writer’s Cramp
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