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This is a guide to go through the darkroom. You must have a bag of salt, a small candle, and a finger prick of blood. As a warning don't do this if you are easily afraid, because if you brake when doing this then a horrible fate will likely come to you. Now that you made up you're mind and you are fully prepared, go into an area where no one will bother you, preferably do this at a full moon your chances of living through this will increase. Make a thick circle of salt then light your candle and sit in the circle. Now prick your finger and drop the blood in the candle then repeat this quickly, Amir Etter then scream. If you're not in a dark room scream again and hope to your creator that you won't encounter the beings in your area. Good, you are now in an alternative world of darkness, this room will have a painting don't look at it you will want to but don't. The right thing to do is to find the candle. It's small and blue.take the candle and run in the opposite direction of the painting. You will feel very afraid when this fear hits you look at the candle and keep running. Now you should wake up in the same place you started. But now you're cursed and haven is not an option for you, good luck.
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