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by janaya
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8 year old you expect love not to last but not in this unlikely hood friends become lovers
If you see two 8 year olds as they're called ”in love”. Everyone thinks it's sweet, Cute, but never did anyone think it ever would last. That's exactly what happened with two lovers named Janaya and Anthony. It all started in 2nd grade when he became the new kid to the class. She had always wanted a friend that she could share memories with. So when Anthony came it could not be more perfect. He was a troublesome boy. The day she decided to talk to him was the day both of their lives changed. They hung out for months and then they confessed their feelings for each other. That begin what was later called the most powerful love. Months went by and their feelings only grew. They would kiss on the bus on the way to field trips, everyone though it was cute. Teachers though they were the best of friends till they saw them kiss. Even then everyone thought they were the cutest thing. Every day at recess they would propose to each other awaiting the day it would be real. A Little over a year went by and Anthony told the class that he would be moving schools. This was a real breaking point for both of them. For Janaya she was mad because he did not tell her until then.
Since that day he was gone for what she thought would be forever. Every night she cried herself to sleep because she longed to be by his side. Years passed and not a single feeling was lost, she dared not to look at other boys, for every time she did she would cry because of how much she loved and missed her love. It had been about 3 years since she lost him, she finally decided she could not cope with the pain anymore. That's the day that she took a huge risk and tried to find him again. This was the biggest risk of her life because she did not know if he would even care about her anymore. For years she would continue looking. She got herself in so much trouble in doing so.
Then the most amazing thing happened. His cousin told her that he said hi and she was shocked, she did not know he even remembered her because by this point they were both 14 years old, it had been 6 years since the last time they saw or talked to each other. She wrote him a note and he wrote one back. Then they started emailing. It had been so many years, Janaya cried because he remembered her and even more important, he still loved her. They spent the next few weeks catching up but one thing stood out the most, the fact that no matter what they could not forget all the memories they made together. They both had tried to ease the pain with other people but no one could even come close to comparing to the love they felt for each other. They saw each other for the first time in November 2019 and that is when it clicked that they both are in a powerful love. Things with Janaya went south because her ex and her were fighting. But things mellowed out when her ex got sent to a correctional facility.
That's when they got back together. They quickly found out that a lot has changed in each others lives but not the feelings they felt for each other. They knew there was something special that they saw in the other person. It was something that no one could ever see. That is because they keep feelings for 7 years. I know, it seems impossible but i assure you that it isn't. They were the type of couple that people would say were relationship goals. But that was not accurate because they could not see each other. There were flaws in the relationship but they could not ask for better. They soon found out that they were soulmates. When they saw each other again they could not stop saying how much they loved each other. They could not resist kissing. They cuddled for hours while arguing about who loved who more.
And as for their future, well that is uncertain but what is certain is that no matter what they will always love each other. For they are truly soul mates. There is nothing that could stand in their way. They have good plans. They want to get married and have a family of their own. And live together till the end of time. Wake up every morning with their soulmate laying next to them. To tell anyone who asks about their story of how they met, which people never believe it's true but it is 1,000 percent true.

-Janaya LeeJohnson
Dedicated to the love of my life Anthony Macias *Heart*
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