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This is a collage of phrases I pulled out of a free writing for a bit of fun
She Jumped into the Lagoon

She's every age she's ever been.
Remembers the days on the high dive.
Cold plunge against the young hot skin.
Sinking to the bottom and coming back.
Feeling so alive.
The moment of defeat.
Owning that.
Willing to give it another try.
So many distractions.
So much to love.
Some things I regret.
Not one to miss anything.
Witness to escape of the ordinary.
I wanted to taste it.
I am the bittersweet wildflower that's turning back to seed.
What can I offer this planet, how can I say thank you to mother earth.
Those that come to rest, to die, to recover?
Soul Recovery.
That too lies in the heart.
Little girl alive in the older woman.
Willing to jump in the lagoon.
The young one who waits, who trusts.
Growing into new parts of herself.
Willing to let go of what does not serve.
Thank you for still being here.
Please don't disappear.
I surrender to you.
We have forgotten what we have.
We are returning to you.
Please God hear my prayer.
Settle into this grounded place you offer.

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