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Remembering who you where.. Poetry from my lost collections
Inner Child

Ease my mind, unclutter, redefine my shaky thoughts.
A smile I long to know, has it been this long I have let you go?
Everyday I search for inner voice, another choice , a prayer so far away..
Looking for some answer to a question I have yet to put into words.
Always feeling incomplete, but I still remember a lost inner child standing still in
a field of flowers knowing a secret others have a hard time keeping.
The universe at her door, a mission that grows like the weeds around her feet.
A small wish that manifests from her lips, as she picks each petal one
by one and thanking the flower when she is done.
A look that she gives the sky and then touches the tree to say, HI.
Asking the wind to blow knowing it will do as it's told.
A pure soul that's been to the other side and back, with a secret she only
whispers to the moon if it asks.
So come my inner child, walk with me now through those fields.
Open my eyes to the mysteries that you see,
so I can remember what we use to feel.
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