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Once in a place named Farewell, there lived a woman who was easily influenced by love.
Once in a place named Farewell, there lived a woman who was easily influenced by love. She was known to be very beautiful so she used her blessing as a weapon to add to her love addiction. One day, she met a handsome prince who was next in line to be the second richest man in the world. The woman was only attracted to the prince’s title and his finances. He was aware of the woman’s intentions but proposed to her anyway. On the day of the wedding, the prince wanted assurance that the woman he met was truly in love with him as much as he was with her and not just for his wealth. So he tested her by asking her one question, “How do you plan our future together?” The woman failed the test by replying, “Well, I wanna buy a car, and a mansion and maybe even a jet..” The prince was expecting a reply of: “I wanna have kids,” or something along the lines of “I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you.” Even though he didn’t receive the answer he wanted, he proceeded in marrying the woman. The couple enjoyed the rest of the day together doing everything they could possibly think of.

That night, while his new wife was asleep, the prince laid awake thinking, “If this woman is so skilled and determined for my fortune, she must’ve done it before.” The prince was right. The woman who he had married had been through almost fifteen divorces with some of the world’s wealthiest men. She was almost richer than the prince and was about to surpass him by far. The prince conjured up a plan to rid of his witch-like wife before she gets an opportunity to divorce him. So, the following day, the prince took his wife into the forest; deeper than anyone had been before. When they were far enough, the prince took at swing with his arms. The woman fell to the ground as blood surrounded her body. The murderous prince looked at his lifeless wife with no mercy as he chuckled. The tables were eventually turned. The prince found out that the dead woman, who he had thought her name was Amy, real name was actually Jamie. He didn’t bother to attend her funeral as he was in line at the bank waiting to collect his twentieth wife’s fortune.

Be careful who you let into your home...

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