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A little explanation about why summer is going to be different this year...
There is nothing like going to the beach; You go there, sit on the warmth of the sand, unless the sand gets too hot…(OUCH!) The beach happens to be the most perfect destination for folks who want to get away from the harshness of reality.
But this summer may be a lot more different than any previous summer, and the reason being for this is that we are in the middle of a never-ending pandemic. How can one enjoy the sound of the waves when all they could do is worry about how to make ends meet? How could we even go on a beach vacation if the pandemic is right on our minds right now?
When summer rolls around, the one thing that we have on our minds is going to the beach; and then again, maybe a trip to the beach would be just what we need to take our minds off this pandemic, as long as we follow the rules of protocol. If only we could enjoy summer and our beaches if it were not for this pandemic the ruin our lives…

Now, here is what I describe a perfect day at the beach: You go there, place your blanket and beach towel on the sand, and put food out. You eat for a while, and then you just relax and sit, watching the ocean roar by, with the waves crashing. And then, there happens to be a boardwalk, where there are all kinds of games and carnival rides waiting for you and me. I bet it is going to be fun, huh?
Well, I do not know which state you live in that has whatever kind of beach it has, and I know that you are eagerly waiting for word on when those beaches would reopen. If I could wave a magic wand, then I would make things better for every single one of you. Since there is no such thing as a magic wand, what I do know is this: This is not going to last forever. We all hope that it is not going to last forever. So just keep on dreaming about going to the beach, and hopefully soon, you all would finally get the green light to go there.
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